Deadpool Wishes To Become A Hokage In The Naruto World

From the start of the series, Naruto, the naughty and funloving boy, always expressed his ardent desire to become the Hokage. However, a new revelation has arrived surprisingly, not from the world of anime and manga, but from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Recently, Deadpool Team-Up #886 revealed that Deadpool has been secretly harboring a strong desire to become a Hokage in Naruto. However, we’re a bit unsure over this sad affair and also a bit worried for both Naruto and Deadpool. 

Who Is The Hokage? 

There are many villages or mini-kingdoms within the Naruto universe. In every village, there is one leader or village chief called a Kage who takes care of the administration of the village. 

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A Hokage is the chief of Konoha, aka the Hidden Leaf Village, where Naruto and most of his friends belong. Towards the end of the series, we got to see Naruto achieving his dream to become the Hokage. 

Deadpool: The Next Hokage? 

In the latest Deadpool content, we see Deadpool on the chase to catch someone by the name of Gin Goh. Goh uses his cursed sword, the Black Tongue, to slash him repeatedly. Though he doesn’t die due to his powers, his wounds take much longer to heal. 

Suddenly, he makes the revelation that he wishes to become the Hokage in the Naruto world. It’s understandable that a character like Deadpool wants to be the Hokage to make everyone recognize him. 

While Deadpool is of course very annoying and gets on your nerves easily, he shares a lot of similarities with Naruto. He’s quite different from other heroes in the Marvel world, turning him into an outcast, much like Naruto was. 

Finally, he does have the capability to become a good Hokage because he has achieved a lot of heroic things though he’s a bit too nonchalant at times. He does his work on time and is trustworthy. 

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However, for a conflict-ridden world like Naruto, is his nonchalance a massive advantage? Well, we think it is. Thus, it’s better to let Deadpool never become the Hokage. There’s not much to worry about that, fortunately, since Deadpool doesn’t live in the world of Naruto. Phew!

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