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Death Note: The Musical a Must-Watch And a Stand-out!

Death Note Musical Version

Cast of Death Note: The Musical

Death Note: The Musical stands out. It is not just an anime musical. It also represents the exciting world of anime in the best way possible.

Everyone is familiar with the anime Death Note. The anime not only created a huge fandom for itself in Japan but expanded to garner a global fanbase. Death note is now redefining itself in its artistic representation and storytelling formula.

When one imagines a musical in the theatre, Death Note will probably be the last thing that one would think of. Yet this musical not only does justice to the Manga but also is the most interesting rendition of the same. Watch it here.

One may even call it the most adept representation for an Anime in musical theatre. Death Note, like many manga and anime stage adaptations, has also had its own stage reprisals.

If you’re keen to see and be lost in the world of Death Note, the theatre musical is a spicy twist to the story.

The Plot of Death Note

Death Note: The Musical is a reprising of the first arc in the Manga series. 

We find the main character, Light Yagami, who has discovered the Death Note. He uses the Note’s ability which kills the person whose name is written on the note. His hatred of criminals takes him on a mass genocide mission which ends up being a self-defeating one.

Cast of Death Note: The Musical

The musical then focuses on detective L who is trying to uncover Light’s identity and put an end to the murders.

Death Note in its musical adaptation stands apart because its origins are unique.  An interesting trivia about its stage adaption is that Death Note: The Musical was originally written in English.

Ivan Menchell wrote the script for the stage play. Jack Murphy wrote the lyrics. The stage production in its entirety was scored by famous music director Frank Wildhorn.

Frank Wildhorn is known for having directed stage adaptations of many notable books. This makes Death Note a very great choice for him to showcase his own artistic prowess.


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