Demon Slayer: Every Nichirin Sword Explained

Demon Slayer Nichirin Swords

In the world of Demon Slayer, the Nichirin Sword is essential for the success of humanity in their battle against the demons. Although most resemble a common katana there are many variations of these nichirin swords and weapons that get used by numerous characters in the series. In this article, we will be going through every single Nichirin weapon used in Demon Slayer in detail.

What is a Nichirin Sword?

Nichirin Swords are special swords used and made specifically for the Demon Slayer Corps to slay demons. The swords are forged from a unique ore that constantly absorbs light which is the major weakness of all demons. Therefore, decapitation by the nichirin sword is one of the only ways that a human can kill a demon.

Nichirin swords take on a distinct color when it’s first drawn by its owner. This is the reason why they are referred to as color-changing swords. However, the owner is required to have a certain amount of skill or the blade will not change its color. 

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Tanjiro’s Nichirin Sword

Tanjiro’s sword is a standard katana with a black color to resemble his Sun Breathing Style. The handguard resembles a sort of wagon wheel but doesn’t have much symbolism in contrast to the other blades.

Demon Slayer Tanjiro's Sword

Giyu’s Nichirin Sword

Giyu’s Sword is also another standard katana type that is most commonly used in the world of Demon Slayer and its blade is blue colored to resemble his Water Breathing Style. His handguard is hexagonally shaped with a bronze core in the middle and an overlapping reddish border that matches his clothes.

Demon Slayer Giyu's Sword

Zenitsu’s Nichirin Sword

Zenitsu’s Nichirin Sword is a standard katana and is colored yellow to resemble his Thunder Breathing style. His handguard has four slight indentations and the center has a silver-tone with small triangles along the golden border.

Zenitsu's Sword

Inosuke’s Nichirin Sword

Inosuke’s Swords are dual jagged-edged katanas that are indigo grey to resemble Beast Breathing Style and throughout the majority of the story he takes off the handguards and usually uses bandages to cover the handle of his swords. 

Inosuke's Nichirin Sword


However, at the beginning of the story, he did have a blackguard with small semi-circles all around it. Nothing really too important or detailed there but he did have a guard before he threw it out. 

Shinobu’s Nichirin Sword

Shinobu’s sword actually has a rod instead of a blade with a sharp tip that resembles a bee’s stainer. 

Shinobu's Nichirin Sword

She also has a modified sheath used as a portable poison mixer and loader to complement her fighting style with the insect breathing. Obviously being an abnormal sword style using poison instead of naturally, like all the other hashira, decapitating a demon’s neck. 


Her rod is lavender-blue to of course resemble insect breathing and her handguard is a flower with four petals that have an aqua-colored core and an orange border.

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Kanao’s Nichirin Sword

Kanao’s sword is another standard katana that is light pink to resemble Flower Breathing Style. Her handguard is circular-shaped with a light pastel blue center and border filled with three red five-leaf flowers and a winding pattern that is light green in color.

Kanao's Nichirin Sword

Mitsuri’s Nichirin Sword

Mitsuri’s sword is actually a bladed whip that is extremely thin and soft to resemble an actual whip. It’s not for any small reason that Mitsuri uses this weapon as opposed to any other normal katana or any other weapon in general.

Mitsuri's Nichirin Sword

It’s because this bladed whip that is extremely thin and soft complements her Love Breathing styles and her different forms of swordsmanship. 

It’s pink to of course resemble Love Breathing and the handguard is shaped like a four-leaf clover and the leaves have a pink core with a golden border. 

Obanai’s Nichirin Sword

Obanai’s sword is a twisted blade that was modeled into waves to resemble a twisting snake. Just as other modified nichirin swords and nichirin blades, Obanai uses this nichirin twisted blade to complement his Snake Breathing Style. 

Obanai's Nichirin Sword

It’s lavender to resemble snake breathing and his handguard has a gold circular shape engraved with two snakes connected by several plant-like patterns.

Muichiro’s Nichirin Sword

Muichiro’s sword is another standard katana that is white to resemble Mist Breathing and his handguard is rectangular shaped with hollowed rectangles at each corner probably to symbolize mist-like clouds.


Muichiro's Nichirin Sword

Kyojuro’s Nichirin Sword

Kyojuro’s sword is a standard katana with a deep shade of reddish-orange to obviously symbolize Flame Breathing and his handguard symbolizes it even more with it being shaped like an actual flame with a red core and a golden border.

Kyujuro's Nichirin Sword

Sanemi’s Nichirin Sword

Sanemi’s sword is a standard katana that is green to resemble wind breathing. His handguard has a pinwheel type shape with eight points and an overlapping pattern with each plate having a forest green core and a silver border and all of them kind of look like wind blades to kind of symbolize wind breathing.


Sanemi's Nichirin Sword

Genya’s Nichirin Sword

Genya’s sword is a standard katana and has no color because he can’t use any breaths so he’s not skilled enough for the nichirin blade to actually take a color. His handguard is pretty basic as well with just two hollow ovals that overlap its core and are a dull shade of brown.

Genya's Nichirin Sword

But that’s not his main weapon. He also carries with him a double-barreled shotgun that he uses for close and ranged combat that is loaded with nichirin bullets.  So with this shotgun that he carries around its bullets are made of the same material as the nichirin swords.

Gyomei’s Nichirin Sword

Gyomei uses a modified spiked flail and axe which is a swinging and whipping weapon with an axe chained to a spiked flail basically like a spiked ball.

The reason he uses this instead of a standard katana is because of his blindness. He uses the sound of the chain to appropriately and accurately direct his weapon to attack the enemy. 

Gyomei's Nichirin Sword

This, of course, is also made with the same metals as the nichirin blades and as far as handguards go he doesn’t have any.


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Tengen’s Nichirin Sword

Tengen’s swords are dual giant nichirin cleavers that are larger than standard nichirin swords and are held together by a chain connecting the handles. Its color is amber to symbolize Sound Breathing and his handguard is circular shaped with four slight indentations and gold in color. 

Tengen's Nichirin Sword

There’s a maroon ring that connects to the center and it has an outer green border as well. He is probably the most flashy weapon which matches his personality pretty well.

Kokushibo’s Nichirin Sword

kokushibo sword actually has a name for it, which is the kyoko kuka musari. This is a flesh and blood demonic modified nichirin katana and the sword is made of his own flesh which is what makes it durable and strong because of the strength of his actual body.

It’s a fleshy red color which is because of the blood obviously being infused with the sword and has veins and eyes all around the blade and hilt. 

Kokushibo Nichirin Sword

The handguard is circular shaped with forced light indentations, a center of three eyes and several black veins and a golden border also added. 


With kokushibo’s blood demon art, this sword can extend and shorten at will and lets him perform a lot of insane blood demon art mixed with moon breathing techniques.

Kaigaku’s Nichirin Sword

Kaigaku’s sword is a flesh and demonic nichirin sword but still has the remnants of his human sword with the lightning pattern still visible and this is probably most likely due to his short time being a demon that his blade hasn’t fully transformed. Yet his handguard is incredibly similar to Zenitsu’s handguard but with a slightly darker core.

Kaigaku Nichirin Sword

Yoriichi’s Nichirin Sword

Yoriichi’s sword is a standard nichirin katana with a deep shade of black to resemble sun breathing. His guard is pretty basic just being circularly shaped with force light indentations with a black center and a golden border.


Yuriichi Nichirin Sword


His sword is pretty basic considering he’s the most op character of all time being born with all these insane abilities. For being basically like the god of the world his sword is pretty basic.

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