Demon Slayer: Shinobu Kocho Abilities Explained

The Hashiras of the Demon Slayer Corps are the finest specimen to decapitate the demons lurking in the shadows. In total, there were nine highest-ranking combatants at the beginning of the series. And one of them is the beautiful but deadly Shinobu Kocho who’s quite a strong fighter. 

So, what makes her stand out from the lot? In fact, what makes her capable of the designation of Hashira? Well, it’s the astonishing abilities and a keen intellect that defines her position. Let’s dive in to understand more about her.

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The Sword of Shinobu Kocho:

Before understanding her abilities, it’s important to take a look at the weapon she wields. Shinobu carries a Stinger Nichirin Katana as her primary weapon that was forged by Tecchin Tecchikawahara. Furthermore, the katana ends in a needle-like tip, resembling an insect’s stinger in appearance and function.

Her katana’s hilt is designed to bear resemblance to a four-petal aqua flower with shades of orange. Apart from that, the blade is lavender-blue in color with two engravings namely: Evil Demon and Destruction on both sides. Along with her katana, she has also modified the weapon’s sheath, using it as a portable poison mixer and loader.

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The Physical Attributes of The Butterfly Hashira:

Despite not being the strongest one in the lot when it comes to strength, she is able to make up for it. And it’s all thanks to her creativity and ingenuity that stands in for her lack of brute strength. Not to mention, when it comes to agility and reflexes, she’s quite an impressive one. 

Her acrobatic movements allow her to maneuver in most of the cramped places effortlessly. Additionally, Shinobu Kocho has tremendous levels of stamina and endurance due to years of harsh training in Demon Slayer Corps. I mean, her fight against Doma stands as a testament to her agility and endurance.

And let’s not forget the sweet lady’s vast knowledge in using poison in combat; she’s quite the deadly one. Not to forget, she was the one who made sign language with Kanao to communicate crucial information with her. Apart from all this, she also possesses an overwhelming amount of strength despite her short stature.

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Shinobu Kocho – The Medical Expert:

While she is not the best combatant, Shinobu instead displays immense skill and mastery over medical and pharmaceutical fields. To make up for her lack of natural-born combat ability, she’s knowledgeable in creating poisons and utilizing them in combat. 

Also, she possesses the necessary skills to slowly saturate her body with poison without negatively impending her health. Moreover, she has the necessary medical skills to counteract the venoms and poisons created by demons. Before I forget, she makes her poisons with help of Wisteria flowers.

The Swordsmanship of Shinobu Kocho:

As a Hashira, Shinobu is one of the most powerful and skilled swordswomen in the entire organization. To add more to her accolades, her fighting style is incredibly unique but as effective as traditional swordsmanship styles. Additionally, Shinobu Kocho’s swordplay specializes in sword thrusting and piercing techniques in order to inject poison into demons.

Also, her unique swordsmanship has a name just like other Hashiras and it has different abilities to its name too. She designed it to compensate for her lack of physical strength to cut off a demon’s head. And with years of practice, she has become extremely proficient in this swordsmanship style. 

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The Special Abilities:

Shinobu Kocho’s style allows her to defeat countless demons and even go head-on with the second strongest Upper-Rank demon, Doma. Not going to lie, it wasn’t only Doma who was in a state of bewilderment and confusion when Shinobu won. Anyways, her special abilities that come with her swordsmanship are:

  1. Butterfly Dance: Caprice – The user leaps into the air and charges towards the opponent and stings them multiple times with their blade to inject poison.
  2. Dance of The Bee Sting: True Flutter – The user dashes at their target at blinding speeds to catch them off-guard. And with the help of their momentum of speed thrusts into their opponent and injects poison into them.
  3. Dance of the Dragonfly: Compound Eye Hexagon – A six-strike attack with which the user aims to strike and inject their target with multiple doses of poison. Usually, the strikes are at the neck, heart, torso, etc. to kill them with a large dose of poison.
  4. Dance of the Centipede: Hundred-Legged Zigzag – An attack with which the user uses their full speed to run a zigzag pattern that confuses their opponent. This is done to create an opening to directly stab their opponent’s neck and inject poison to kill them.

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Wrapping Up:

Keeping in mind all of her fighting abilities, Shinobu Kocho also possesses incredible willpower. And it’s mostly due to her unquenchable hatred for demons; take her battle against Doma as an example. After bleeding left and right, she still stood up to fulfill her promise.

This only goes to show how remarkable of a human being as well as a potent Hashira she is. So, it can be safely said that Shinobu Kocho was one hell of a demon slayer. And if you want to watch her in action then you can read Demon Slayer on Viz.

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