Demon Slayer: Upper Rank Three Akaza’s Abilities Explained!


Akaza is undoubtedly an extremely powerful demon considering that he holds the third highest position in the Twelve Kizuki and also defeated the likes of an indomitable Hashira like Kyojuro Rengoku, on top of numerous Hashira and other demon slayers in the past.

He possesses multiple incredible abilities, especially his masterful skill in martial arts, which can give even the demon slayers with the most skilled swordsmanship a run for their money. Now, with that said, let’s go through a more detailed look at the various skills this fan favorite character has up his sleeves.

Akaza has Immense Strength and Regenerative Abilities

As a demon, Akaza naturally has such an insane level of physical strength that his kicks and punches are strong enough to break the ground and easily kill people off. He can cause cuts, shatter ribs, smash eyes and his sheer strength even pierces Kyojuro Rengoku’s body and also easily tears through the Infinity Castle.

Demon Slayer Akaza's Abilities


Another moment in the series that shows Akaza’s strength deserves a whole lot of hype is the one where he’s shown capable of destroying Upper Rank Two Doma’s head and jaw even though the latter has far better durability. When combined with his Blood Demon Art, his strength increases so high he can literally create craters in the ground with a punch.

Now, such scarily impressive physical prowess coupled with his insane regeneration means that Akaza is unstoppable. He has one of the best regenerative abilities in the series as he consumed a massive amount of Muzan’s blood.

His regeneration is near instantaneous and can immediately recover from both minor and severe injuries. Later, his regeneration evolves so much that in his battle against Giyu and Tanjiro, he escapes death even after his head gets cut off by a Nichirin Sword and regrows a completely new one.

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His Keen Extrasensory Perception

Demon Slayer Akaza's Abilities

Akaza can sense things beyond the normal range of perception. The most impressive part of this ability is that he can sense something he calls “Fighting Spirit” which indicates someone’s will to fight as well as their murderous intent. This proves very handy as he can figure out his opponent’s strengths and weaknesses and fight accordingly.

Akaza is Incredibly Gifted in Hand-to-Hand Combat

Demon Slayer Akaza's Abilities

Unarmed combat and bare-fisted martial arts is Akaza’s forte. This is something that has always existed beyond his demon abilities because even as a human, Akaza has shown prodigious abilities in hand-to-hand combat, completely defeating several grown men when he was only 11 years without any prior martial arts training.


Becoming a demon meant this ability got an even greater boost and adding Blood Demon Art to the mix, even a single punch or kick of his becomes extremely lethal capable of shattering the ground and damaging ribs. His Soryu Style martial arts fighting technique is especially notable, as he mastered this when he was human and later hones it even further after turning into a demon and uses it as his main inspiration for his Destructive Death.

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Blood Demon Art

Destructive Death is his Blood Demon Art and utilizes a lot of martial arts and his Soryu Style technique. This, combined with his shockwaves greatly lend to the sheer intensity of his punches and kicks and amplify its destructive capabilities.

Demon Slayer Akaza's Abilities


Akaza uses his Blood Demon Art to generate powerful shockwaves to severely injure his opponents. We saw how this was used against Kyojuro as the Hashira’s left eye, ribs and even internal organs were all horribly smashed after his body took on a barrage of Akaza’s painful shockwaves.

Another very important aspect of his Blood Demon Art is also that it can take on the form of his Compass Needle technique. With this, he gains an even more advanced extrasensory perception which helps him very accurately sense his opponent’s will to fight and sniff out which vital areas and weak points would be best to strike to take then down.


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