Demon Slayers Who Turned Into Demons, And Their Reasons

Kokushibo: Demon Slayers Who Turned Into Demons, And Their Reasons

Did you know that the world of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba has demon slayers who turned into demons out of their own choices? One would naturally assume that being a demon would be hated and yet, some people deliberately turned into demons.

That is why we have decided to explore the psyches of demon slayers who took the drastic step of becoming demons.


 Kokushibo’s true name when he was a human is Michikatsu Tsukiguni, and he is Yoriichi Tsugikuni’s elder brother. Yoriichi was the first Sun Breathing user. His appearance altered dramatically once he became a demon, and his face was covered with three pairs of yellow eyes.

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Kokushibo is also a respectable individual who respects worthy opponents. He is more likely to turn humans into demons if he deems them useful. He had a great feeling of allegiance to Muzan Kibutsuji and worked zealously for the sake of achieving Muzan’s objectives.

When they were young, Kokushibo was envious of his younger twin brother, Yoriichi Tsugikuni, for his inherent brilliance and extraordinary powers. When he saw Yoriichi awakening his Demon Slayer Mark, his sentiments of envy and hate became stronger as he saw his brother age to the age of an old man. When demon slayers used this mark, they were usually cursed to die at the age of 25.


Kaigaku was a Demon Slayer, a former aide of Zenitsu and a disciple under Jigoro Kuwajima, the former Thunder Hashira. Though boisterous and haughty on the outside, Kaigaku is actually timid and selfish on the inside.

Kaigaku was an orphaned criminal who survived by eating leftovers and robbing other people. He was cared for by Gyomei Himejima at his shrine alongside other orphans. Kaigaku met Kokushibo by chance and, upon realising how strong the Upper Rank is, resigned to save himself from death.

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During the Hashira Training Arc, Zenitsu learns that Kaigaku has turned into a demon; Out of terrible shame that his student has done something so despicable, Jigoro has performed seppuku to atone for his crimes and claim responsibility.

He, as a demon, has devoured countless humans, thus becoming so strong that he became the new Upper Rank Six of the Twelve Kizuki. He obtains several demonic characteristics since he became a demon, such as four black flame-like marks on each side of his face, fangs, pale complexion, black sharp claws, and pointed ears.

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