Did Monica Cheat On Chandler? Fan Theory!

Did Monica Cheat On Chandler? Fan Theory!

Some fans believe their romance wasn’t as picture-perfect as we believe, and that Monica may be the reason why.

In the “Friends” subreddit r/howyoudoin, user limbtz shared their thoughts on Monica and Chandler’s relationship, saying that they believed Monica might have been unfaithful. The user cited Monica’s flirting with other men as evidence she “challenge[d] the moral ground [of their relationship].” Fairly thin, as far as proof goes.

However, the user also brings up that iconic proposal in Season 6, reminding viewers that when Chandler was going to propose to Monica initially at a restaurant, they ran into Richard (Tom Selleck), and Monica was not only excited to see him but ended up visiting his apartment afterward.

A believable theory? That’s up to the viewer — we think it’s more likely that Monica was just trying to keep on good terms with someone who was not only important to her life, but also a family friend.

Did Monica Cheat On Chandler? Fan Theory!
Monica and Chandler Season 1

A number of Reddit users, though, agreed with the original poster’s sentiments. For instance, Archer1408 stated, “Finally someone else gets this! It’s not only these things but the way she constantly challenges [Chandler’s] worth.”

Marlynlove added, “I don’t believe she necessarily cheated, but I don’t think what she did was right either.”

Other users strongly disagreed. For instance, camspop pointed out that, among the show’s characters, she’s actually the most loyal partner: “Funny thing, during the whole show, Monica is possibly the only one of the friends who didn’t cheat on anyone or betray one of them in the romance department.”

Frankly, it’s hard to argue with that. Monica and Chandler’s romance was the most stable throughout the show, and we loved watching their journey from secretly hooking up in London all the way to moving to the suburbs with their babies.

However, fan theories are fun, and it’s always enjoyable to hear how fellow “Friends” lovers interpret the characters differently. For instance, have you heard the one about the whole series being Phoebe’s stoned daydream?

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