Did Scarlett Johansson lose her child’s custody battle?

Scarlett Johansson, our 35-year-old star shares a six-year-old daughter named Rose Dorothy, with her ex-husband, Romain Dauriac. Rose was born in 2014, and Scarlett Johansson secretly got married to her then-boyfriend and baby daddy, Romain Dauriac in the same year.

But the marriage only lasted three years since Johansson filed for divorce in 2017. Our starlet is a very private person and has always kept her personal life off the media. But the divorce filing brought a lot of limelight on Rose as Johansson and Dauriac were in a custody battle.

Dauriac’s lawyers claimed that it was Johansson’s fault that the things were out in the open since she filed for divorce as until then everything was under the down low and in the discussion. But we take the star’s side on this as we think she was scared that she will lose the custody battle if Dauriac took the case all of a sudden to try it in their court, in his native, France.

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Even though Dauriac’s lawyers made a huge show out of Johansson filing for divorce and bringing the custody battle out to the public, she stood firm and worked things out. The end of the custody battle was unsure to anyone as the deals were done behind closed doors.

Johansson was not married for the first time here, so she had her prenup ready to avoid anything else, but the baby factor was left out, which caused the stir. Dauriac was claiming Primary parent title and showed Johansson’s busy career and need to travel a lot as a disadvantage to raise a baby. But thank God, they came to an agreement.

Johansson in an interview last year said it was hard to be a co-parent but was willing to do it for the benefit of their daughter. Johansson has refrained from adding any comment about the custody battle saying she didn’t want her daughter to know any of this while she is grown.

Let’s hope and wish the third time is the charm for our talented actress. She started dating Colin Jost since 2017, and both got engaged in 2019. The marriage dates have not been fixed since the pandemic. Johansson has also given a statement saying Rose is obsessed with Colin and that he makes a great father figure!

We wish our Hollywood Trailblazer all the success she desires in her family life!

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