Did Tom Holland Just Leak That a Spider-Man and Venom Movie Is Happening?

Spider-Man in the news:

Spider-Man has been in news quite a lot recently, even when most of the news related to the character is not all that exciting for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It hasn’t been a long time since the split between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios was announced.

With the split, the two productions would no longer be working together on any new films, especially those of Spider-Man, making Spidey returning home to Sony, for good.

Holland’s Statements:

However, Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man on screen, recently made a statement in which he assured fans of the franchise that Spider-Man is not going anywhere.

Instead, he could potentially be returning opposite another major character in the MCU.

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Who is Tom Holland?

Known to have started acting from a very young age, Tom Holland eventually moved to act on stage to acting in films and on television. He had barely just begun his journey in Hollywood when he got his biggest break ever.

In 2015, Disney announced that Holland would be taking over the role of Spider-Man, which had previously been played by amazing actors like Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

Holland had made his first appearance as Spidey in Captain America: Civil War, which released in 2016. And while his appearance was for a relatively brief period of time, his acting as the character amazed the audiences across the world.

Holland and his big mouth:

Holland has been known to have a big mouth, and he has spoilt major movie secrets during his promotions of Marvel movies.

In the past, he has not only spoiled film names but has also revealed the fact that the Spidey movies are intended to be a trilogy.

Additionally, he has also let major secrets of Endgame slip to the fans, that too just before the film was supposed to be screened.

And while this has become a sort of a joke for fans, executives of Marvel Studios are not that happy about it.

Hint at a major movie deal:

In one of the recent interviews, Holland spoke about Spider-Man’s future, especially after the split.

He revealed that the next installment in the Spidey series would be extremely special and will have ideas that could potentially make the film bigger and amazing.

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He also let it slip that this next film could be a crossover and have new characters introduced in it.

And given the actor’s history of leaking spoilers, this could potentially be a sign that the new Spider-Man film could be a crossover with Venom.

All we can do for now is wait and watch what will happen to Spider-Man in the near future, although this news could give fans that little glimmer of hope and excitement that they have long been waiting with bated breaths for.

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