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Diversification and Correction Policy

Diversification Policy:

  1. Anime: Ensure having all sorts of articles related to anime—be it news and updates, introductions of new series, reviews, any kind of industry knowledge, or interviewing creators.
  2. Movies: Span everything from mainstream Hollywood releases to independent films, Hollywood, and niche genres.
  3. Actors: Give a flash of any news and development about actors, including updates to filmography, interviews, and backstage information.
  4. Cinematic World News: To find the latest happenings and news within the cinematic world, e.g., find the industry trend stories, box office reports, awards ceremonies, and massive announcements.
  5. Editorial Content: Opinion, analysis, thought, and pro-analyses articles on all relevant topics, which find space in the realm of anime, movies, actors, cinematic world in written form.

Correction Policy:

  1. Accuracy: Always be sensitive to the element of accuracy through fact-checking the information before going to press to minimize the element of errors.
  2. Corrections: Promptly address any inaccuracies or errors discovered after publication by issuing corrections or retractions as necessary.
  3. Transparency: Indicate all necessary corrections made to already published articles, with honest indications when needed, and provide explanations for the same.
  4. Responsibility: Hold the writer and the editors responsible for checking the truth contained in the information; they should also be accountable for any errors.
  5. Feedback Mechanism: Developed feedback mechanism for the readers to correct where there are inaccuracies or add more information to enhance the quality of the content generally.
  6. Fact-Check and Verification Policy: We have set rules regarding Verification and fact-checking, which one can find on the website’s Verification and Fact-Check Page.

It is in this respect that follows this Diversification and Correction Policy to make sure that its readers are receiving reliable, diversified, and qualitative pieces of information about the different aspects of anime, movies, and entertainment industries while protecting the highest possible levels of journalistic integrity and public responsibility.

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