Disney’s Wish Cruise Ship offering $5,000 COCKTAIL and GRAND Disney-Themed Dining and Movie Hall.

Disney Wish Cruise ship was announced last July. Walt Disney Company owns five such ships. Disney Wish Cruise is the Largest Ship in the fleet. She started sailing in June 2022. She is the first of the Triton-class ship. As Disney States on its website, its Cruise ship is a place where:

“…fantastical worlds and beloved stories from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar are brought to life like never before.”

Is the Wish Cruise Worth the Hype?

The Wish Cruise was christened on 29th June, from port Canaveral in Florida, with 2,500 Passengers onboard. The Cruise is said to offer everything from a “Star Wars”-themed bar serving $5,000 cocktails, waterslides that feature animations to elevate the experience, an interactive ‘Frozen’ themed zone, a Marvel-themed restaurant with various characters like Antman and the wasp serving you and a full-size Disney-Themed Movie Hall! Below are some photos from the Ship.

Welcome Aboard

You begin your journey with a warm welcome by the cast members of Disney’s team. The first thing you step into is the Grand Hall, a triple-decked Cinderella-themed Hall with a Bronze sculpture of Cinderella.

The Star-War Themed Bar

The attraction of the Ship is the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge and Bar. A place to experience the proper luxury ride between galaxies. The screens put up around the lounge make the people inside see the various galaxies they may be traveling to while they jump locations at hyperspeed every few minutes, with the whole theme changing accordingly. In addition, the Cruise is offering a $5,000 cocktail inspired by Star Wars.

A Twitter user posted this video of the $5,000 Kaiburr Crystal drink in a droid-shaped container.

The pictures of the Hyperspace Bar are astonishingly beautiful.

If you are into something lighter, Disney has a “The Princess and the Frog” Themed Bar for you too. It is named the Bayou and has a New Orleans vibe.

The Dining area

The dining area is no less Disney-themed. It has everything from Frozen to Avengers on it. In addition, the Ship offers Lunch with Mickey Mouse-style Smokestack Barbecue.

The wish Cruise, in its trailer, released images of an Avengers-themed dining area that looked amazing. Here’s how it looked.

The wish Ship has water slides too!

Disney calls its on-ship amusement park “The Aqua Mouse” It seems like a wholesome and fun place for kids.

Aqua Mouse adventure park

A Full-Size Movie Hall

The Ship has a full-size Disney-themed Movie hall!

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