Doctor Strange 2 Theory: Scarlet Witch Is The Multiverse Madness

Poster for Doctor Strange 2

Scarlet Witch as The Possible Antagonist:

There is a curious rumor in the air which suggests that Scarlet Witch could be the villain of the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Marvel Studios has been known to be weighing in the many different ideas in regards to alternate universes and dimensions for quite some time now.

While the Multiverse was first introduced in the Thor films in a very subtle manner, it was explored in a much deeper sense in Doctor Strange and the later Ant-Man films.

What Is the Multiverse?

MCU has traditionally used the term “Multiverse” as a reference to the idea of the other planes of existence, which includes the Dark Dimension as well as the Quantum Realm.

Doctor Strange even had a sequence of the Magical Mystery Tour wherein Stephen Strange’s astral form was blasted by an Ancient One across the Multiverse.

This was also one of the most mind-blowing scenes ever shown in the MCU.

The concept of Multiverse was then further developed by Avengers: Endgame, which revealed that the Multiverse has alternate realities as well, in which history has progressed from time to time in different ways.

Furthermore, the Multiverse and its facts that are shown in Endgame would serve as the core points of attention in two of the major TV series coming up on Disney Plus, namely What If? And Loki.

Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange Connection:

Multiverse could also possibly become a central point of interest in the MCU too, with Doctor Strange being joined by Scarlet Witch.

While the two have fought alongside each other in the past, Scarlet Witch could very well be a villain instead of Doctor Strange’s ally in Multiverse of Madness.

When paid attention to the comics, the title of the movie also suggests that it will be tied to two main themes, the first being the Multiverse and the other being an intense psychological trauma.

According to comics, Scarlet Witch can be easily linked to both of these themes, with her powers being connected to the nature of reality.

She has the power to generate hex magic and alter probabilities within an area. She can also make a gun misfire or make lightning strike a particular point.

Her powers have only expanded over the years and she has understood that she tapped into something known as Chaos Magic.

With this, she could impossible events take place easily, freeze the air or even cause spontaneous and unexpected combustion.

Image by Glamourfame

The comics have also revealed that Wanda’s powers are tied to Chthon, a quasi-demonic entity.

She was also born in a place which was known to be quite rich in magical energy, which made Chthon choose to give her untapped yet powerful magical potential.

While it took a long time to realize this potential, when it did, Chthon tried to have his agents try to bind him to the planet permanently.

In the movies, the makers have not shown her fullest power potentials. But they have shown her fully reconstructing herself in the House of M, in 2005, an creating an alternate timeline where she granted everyone what their hearts desired.

These desires were very conflicting, which resulted in a parody of the real world ruled by Magneto.

But, due to this, we know that the Multiverse was created unstable, which resulted in many heroes regaining their memories and conflicting Wanda.

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