Doctor Strange Confirmed to Join Tom Holland In Spider-Man 3 | Details Inside

Well, we never got any good news in the marvel movies releasing front, but we got a lot on the Avengers doing cameos in the solo movies front.

Doctor Strange to join Spider-man 3: Details

The latest person to join the cast of Spider-Man 3 is Benedict Cumberbatch. Doctor Strange and his sidekick join the untitled sequel of Spider-Man Far From Home. Oh, when I say sidekick I mean ‘relic’. Wong is more than just a sidekick, He’s an Avenger.

The news comes just a few days after Electro from Amazing Spider-Man 2 was cast to play the villain to the new Spidey movie.

Fan Theory Got Confirmed?

Ever since the announcement that Jamie Foxx was returning to Spidey Universe was made, fans have been going gaga over the fact that live-action Spider-Verse movie might be under production. Even though nothing has been made official by Marvel or Sony, now Doctor Strange being cast just confirms the fan theories.

Role of Scarlet Witch

To those who are not aware of how the Fan Theory is confirmed, here’s your answer. Doctor Strange is about to be introduced and reintroduced to some enemies and friends in his new movie, Multiverse of Madness.

Thus, Proving that Electro might come from the universe of Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man to Tom Holland’s version and maybe Doctor Strange returns to help Peter Parker to send him back to his universe. Spider-man 3 could be the movie that builds the stage for Marvel’s phase 4.

Doctor Strange as Role in Spider-Man 3: A Mentor

We have to agree that Fury is no mentor and has no patience in handling a teenage superhero. So maybe Doctor Strange takes the place as the new mentor and father figure to Peter Parker.

As of how Electro comes to this universe and why there is a whole bunch of villains jumping through the universe, I kind of have the feeling that it has everything to do with Wanda.

Scarlet Witch In Spiderman 3

We know from the comics and from the movies that the powers in her skyrockets when she is hurt. Probably her grieving process has caused some damage to the conundrum, making it easy for the villains to jump through a various parallel universe.

Spider-Man 3 and Doctor Strange 2 starts shooting in the month of October that is this month. Doctor Strange starts shooting in London, and Spider-Man cast starts shooting in Atlanta.

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