Doctor Strange’s Wong Will Make A Cameo In Shang-Chi

Marvel’s Phase 4 is starting to look like something fans never anticipated. With the lineup of shows and movies and inter-crossing characters, fans just can’t get enough.

Every show that was released until now has had the cross-reference thing which fans love, and one thing that fans did not know anything about was Shang-Chi.

Yes, Shang-Chi will be dealing with Ten Rings which debuted in Iron-Man, but we did not get any clear details about it there.

This will be the first full Asian superhero movie of Marvel, and the buzz around it has been growing, particularly after its kick-ass trailer dropped.

Now, it would be unfair to deal with martial arts, have magical elements, and have the story run around Asians and not include one of our favorite characters from Doctor Strange, the monk with weird humor, Wong.

Will Wong be in Shang-Chi?

This was not confirmed until recently, but now it’s time for some good news. Wong actor Benedict Wong has confirmed his cameo in the new Shang-Chi movie.

The movie is set to release on September 3, 2021, and has been gearing up for a while now. If we could have Rocket back, it would be fun too, but this is Marvel’s first Asian superheroes ensemble so, get ready.


Wong expressed his delight in a recent interview confirming the rumors.

When Shang-Chi was happening, I was so pleased that it was happening, but I was a little kind of crestfallen I wasn’t a part of it… And then the call [from Marvel Studios] came. And I was like, ‘Yes!’

We have no idea how significant his role is or what part he has in the movie. Getting to know he will appear in the film is something we never thought we would get, so let’s wait for the promotions to learn more or wait till September.

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