Does Chris Hemsworth Want to Reprise His Role as Thor?

Crish hemsworth on a leave

Chris Hemsworth got his career boosted with the entry to Marvel as Thor: The God of Thunder in 2011.

Time passed and now its 8 years since Chris joined Marvel and the Marvel’s Thor franchise as well as in the Avenger movies, Thor’s character is well played. The natural confidence in him brought God of Thunder to life.

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Chris Hemsworth Talks about the Thor’ future


The recently released, Avengers: Endgame went way beyond expectations, retiring older heroes from the franchise.

There were deaths, long lives (eventually) well-lived in the case of Cap, and more than one fond farewell. But it’s still unclear for Thor’s future in Marvel.

In a recent interview with Comic Book Movie, Hemsworth spoke about how he feels about Thor and whether he wants to retire like many of his co-stars.

He also explained why a couple of times, he felt trapped by his role.


Many actors that play the same role for this long worry that they may be typecast. That is likely why many of his Marvel co-stars have decided to jump ship.

Hemsworth, on the other hand, might not feel the same way. Of course, playing a God is not something many actors can add to their resume. When asked about his future plans for the character, Chris seemed blank on what he’s doing next but it’s sure that it will take time.

Speaking to CinemaBlend, Hemsworth was asked whether he’d like to play Thor again in Guardians of the Galaxy 3, stating:


“I’d play [Thor] again. I love it so much – especially if there’s something unique to do again with it. I felt like the last three films were very, very different each time.”

A version of Thor with James Gunn behind the camera definitely sounds like a winning combination – and extremely different to what’s come before.

The Thor actor, however, poured cold water over any suggestions he’s definitely going to play a role in James Gunn’s threequel, revealing, “I don’t even know when or if they’re shooting [Guardians of the Galaxy 3]. After the Avengers press tour, I kind of went and buried my head in the sand.”

Thor Actor Share his Experience


He also talked about how difficult a couple of movies in the franchise were on him. He said he felt trapped because the character was not deep enough.

“After I’d done Avengers and Thor 2, I did feel a bit trapped. It felt like I was typecast by whoever wrote the scripts” he admitted.

“I feel like the creators were stuck on where they could take [Thor] and was this all he had to offer? I felt there was so much more we could do.”


Another way that we can expect to see Thor again is with the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

At this point, there hasn’t been any official word, but fans and several media outlets have been talking about him popping up in the next movie. Currently, Men In Black: International is in theaters and has been going good.

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