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Does Rhaenyra Know How her Mother Died?

Does Rhaenyra Know How her Mother Died?

Given that it has been six months since her mother’s death, we doubt that Rhaenyra Targaryen knows how she really died.

If you haven’t streamed the second episode, which adds more spice and twists to the already twisted show of House of the Dragon, then we highly suggest you stay off the internet since it’s spoiler time.

Does Rhaenyra know how her mother died?

Now, we do hear that Rhaenyra and Viserys I haven’t spoken much in the last six months, but we doubt that she already knows the reason.

Even though Viserys I mentioned it as his biggest regret, we doubt that he told his daughter that he chose to kill his wife and let her bleed her to death just to get a royal heir to inherit the Iron Throne.

Even though it does not change the fact that she died at childbirth, it still does not change the fact that Viserys I chose to do it.

Who knows how the Queen died?

As of now, no one knows what happened behind the scene, the Grand Maester, the one who suggested the unsavory method, and the King, along with the helps in the chamber that day.

There is a chance that the Hand knows exactly what happened, but we don’t think he would be revealing it to others now that he has his child set to marry the King.

Now, knowing how things in the GOT world transpire, we can assure you that it will be revealed in the most dramatic way to Rhaneyra, and we have no idea how she will get to know it, but for now, she already has enough to be pissed with about her father.

Given that her father is about to marry her best friend and she will be the one to produce an heir who will challenge her claim to the throne, she has more things to worry right now.

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