Does Steve Rogers Cry Before Doing It? Finally answered!


For those wondering if or when Steve Rogers’ Captain America cries during sex, that answer has now been given by Marvel.

Despite walking off to live the life he had earned back at the end of Avengers: Endgame, Chris Evans’ Star-Spangled hero was somehow still the talk of the town in Phase 4. One of those topics was his sex life.

Once Marvel Studios made the joke about America’s ass, it was all over for Steve—his legacy had been cemented. Even Jennifer Walters was in on it, having his now iconic butt as her phone’s lock screen.

However, She-Hulk took it up another notch by asking a simple question: did Steve lose his virginity before walking off into the sunset? It’s an important inquiry, one that Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner had the answer to this whole time: “to a girl in 1943 on the USO tour.


The resulting revelation led to the Hulk revealing that Captain America did, in fact, bone before getting iced.

But does the character cry before, during, or after sex? While fans might not get to know about the MCU’s answer, the comics seem to have one for its incarnation of Steve.

Wait, Does Steve Rogers Cry During Sex?

Ever wondered if Steve Rogers cries before, during, or after sex? Well, wonder no more.

When asked that very question, comic writer Jackson Lanzing revealed on Twitter how “there is a literal answer to [that] question” in a newly-released issue:


“Does Cap cry before/during/after sex?”

Lanzing: “I cannot believe I get to say this… but there is a literal answer to this question in the pages of tomorrow’s CAPTAIN AMERICA comic… Enjoy.”

The moment in question happens in Captain America: Sentinel Liberty #7.

In the comic, both Steve and Sharon Carter have a charged moment.

Captain America, Sharon Carter

That moment was so charged that a tear can be seen leaving Steve’s eye.

Captain America, Sharon Carter

Readers can all put together what’ll be happening next for Cap.

Captain America, Sharon Carter

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