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Downey Jr. Hypes ‘Most Exciting Thing’ He’s Ever Done in Bizarre Teaser

Something New for Fans:

Robert Downey Jr. has something new to offer to his fans around the world.

He recently posted a cryptic video on Twitter, teasing audiences about an announcement he is soon going to make. He was also reported saying in the video that he is very excited and has a riddle that he wants to share.

The Riddle:

The riddle was a simple question. He asked what NASA, the Rolling Stones, the Rose Bowl and Taurus, the ruling planet of his birth sign have in common.

Bubbling with Anticipation:

The actor, who seemed quite ecstatic in the video, continued by saying that he will keep fans in suspense and reveal the answer later, at night.

He also exclaimed that this might be the most exciting thing he has ever done, which is saying something especially considering what could be better for the Marvel alum than a Marvel movie? Safe to say, fans were quite confused about the cryptic message of Downey Jr.

The video had a galactic background with the actor speaking in the video, with no other additional information.


Robert Downey Jr.’s mysterious announcement reveal comes at the same time as the Rolling Stones concert in Pasadena, CA. And since this reveal has something to do with the Rolling Stones, many fans believe that he may be attending the concert.

This would not be his first time singing on stage, especially not after 2011, when he performed a cover of Driven, the song by Police in honor of Sting’s birthday, that too on stage.

Regardless, it is still confusing as to what the reveal has in relation with NASA as well as the Rose Bowl.

While the Rose Bowl is set to take place on January 1, 2020, the NASA relation could be in regards to the Footprint Coalition, Downey Jr.’s Clean Earth Initiative, which was announced at the Machine Learning, Automation, Robotics and Space (MARS) Conference in June this year. The Coalition is slated to launch on April 2020.

Additionally, there are no theories where the ruling planet of his birth sign is concerned, especially when looked at from an announcement-related perspective.

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