Dr Stone Chapter 224 (Journey To The Moon) Release Date and Spoilers

Dr. Stone Chapter 214

Senku and the Science Kingdom Crew are preparing to get started on their voyage to the moon. The worry about the risk of casualty looms over their head as they get emotional and take caution.

There will be more details about their journey to the moon while they’re on the spaceship. Here’s everything you will want to know in Dr Stone Chapter 224.

About The Anime

Senku Ishigami, a young scientific genius, wants to restore civilization after humanity has been strangely frozen for 3,700 years.

Dr Stone Chapter 223 Recap

Senku Ishigami, Kohaku, and Stanley Snyder have completed the preparations for their expedition to the moon. Senku, Kohaku, and Stanley put on their spacesuits and prepare to go.


However, it is unclear if the three heroes would arrive safely on the moon in the following chapters of Dr Stone. Dr Stone Chapter 224 will most likely depict the difficulties they experience on their voyage.

Dr Stone Why Man
Why Man

Dr. Stone has already made the voyage to the moon. He and the Why-Man will assist the heroes on their mission. In the last episode, Kohaku’s elder sister advised her brother to maintain communication with Why-man for better and smoother travel.

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Senku tells Stan that smoking is not permitted on a spaceship and asks him to refrain from doing so. The other heroes are becoming emotional as Senku prepares to leave Earth for the first time to visit the moon. Knowing that 5% of people perished on the moon, he and his colleagues have taken every precaution imaginable.


Senku, Kohaku, and Stanley board the spaceship and depart from Earth. The Science of Kingdom team is curious about what awaits its three heroes on the moon. The countdown has reached one, and they are both terrified at the chances of their comrades dying.

Dr Stone Chapter 203

Dr Stone Chapter 224 Spoilers and Speculations

The raw scans of the upcoming chapter aren’t released yet. Only after they release in maybe 2-3 days, will we get a good idea of what we can expect next chapter. We’ll make sure to update it here.

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Dr Stone Chapter 224 Release Date

Dr Stone Chapter 224 will be getting released on January 3, 2022. Every new chapter gets released after every 7 days on Viz Media and MangaPlus.

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