Edens Zero Chapter 163 Release Date, Spoilers & Leaks

The much-awaited Edens Zero Chapter 163 is set to release soon! Fans were left in a cliffhanger last week as the fight between Nero and Ziggy saw the stakes increase. Meanwhile, Shura plots to kill both of them by blowing up the planet. 

Will Shiki succeed in putting an end to Shura’s madness as he tries to kill his father? Read on to find out more about the upcoming chapter of Edens Zero.

Edens Zero Chapter 163 Release Date

Edens Zero Chapter Chapter 163 is set to release on October 13. However, the date of release depends on the location of the readers. English translation will be available soon after the Japanese version is released. 

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Edens Zero Chapter 162 Recap

Here’s what went down in the previous chapter of Edens Zero.

Emperor Nero and Demon King Ziggy stared down at each other. At the next moment, Ziggy uses his gravity-controlling abilities to blast away the palace walls revealing his empire reduced to rubble by the machines.

However, Nero was unaffected by it. He remarks that even if his planet perishes, as long as he has the Empire dice he will never be defeated. He then proceeds to strike Ziggy. Ziggy is powerless against the empire dice as gravity doesn’t seem to affect them.

The reason for this is that they are relics from Mother, the creator of the Universe. With the power of the dice, he built his Empire and remained victorious in all his battles. 

Ziggy then brought down one of his subordinate’s planes and fired rounds of missiles towards Nero distracting him. He then lands a right hook into Nero’s face. The two go all out against each other. Nero declares that though he may lose his Empire on this day, he is willing to pay that price in order to kill Ziggy. Ziggy is caught off guard as Nero stands behind him ready to end him.

Moving on to a different scene, we discover that Emperor Nero’s son Shura is planning to blow up his entire planet to kill both Nero and Ziggy. Shiki is shocked that Shura does not care for the life of the people living on the planet. Shura on the other hand finds planetary genocide a ‘light’ burden and laughs at Shiki’s ideals. 

Shiki endures a heavy blow as Shura kicks him in the abdomen. He tells Shura the sufferings he made his android endure and that his plan is to turn on the All-Link system to kill all the bots in AOI.

Enraged with Shiki, Shura taps into his overdrive form. Shiki doesn’t hold back either, transforming into his overdrive form and unleashing his satan gravity on Shura.

Eden Zero Chapter 163 Spoilers

In Eden Zero Chapter 163, we will see the chapter pick up from the fight between Nero and Ziggy. Nero seems quite confident in the power of the empire dice and his abilities.

However, this time the opponent is the Demon King Ziggy who can use the powerful Demon Gravity. Though the two once-respected each other, so much so that Nero even thought highly of Ziggy for being wise, It seems that only one of them will come out alive in this fight. 

Will Nero be able to wield the power of the empire dice to defeat Ziggy or will his egotistical behavior lead to his downfall? 

The focus will also remain on the ongoing fight between Shiki and Shura. The fate of all the lives of androids in AOI lies in the hands of Shiki. He must do whatever he can in order to overcome the demon gravity of Shura. Should he fail, it will mean the doom of AOI.

The upcoming chapter of Eden Zero will definitely be action-packed and definitely something to look forward to. Will our protagonists succeed in saving the Nero Empire and the lives of all the people living in it? We’ll have to wait till next week to find out the aftermath of the battle!

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Where To Read Edens Zero

You can read the official version of Edens Zero on ComiXology and Crunchyroll.

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