Edens Zero Chapter 164: Release Date, Spoilers & Leaks

Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of Edens Zero Chapter 164. The plot is at a very crucial stage and fans are dying to find out the outcome of the battle. Shura revealed the power of his Demon Gravity while his father Nero beheaded Ziggy. Will Shiki be able to stop Shura from activating the All-Link System and save the bots of AOI? Read on to find out more about the upcoming chapter of Edens Zero.

Edens Zero Chapter 164 Release Date

Edens Zero Chapter 164 is set to release on 21st October 2021. However, the date of release depends upon the location of the readers. English translation will be available soon after the Japanese version is released. 

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Edens Zero Chapter 163 Recap

Here’s a look at what happened in the previous chapter of Edens Zero.

Shiki is easily overpowered by Shura in his overdrive form. Shura then uses his Demon Gravity to take Shiki down with a hail of stones and finally conjures a lance that goes right through his body.

Meanwhile, Rebecca arrives at the location of the All-Link System which turns out to be smaller than expected. The Imperial Army’s soldiers turn up to take care of the intruders. But Rebecca is quick in her movements and is able to dodge their bullets. Suddenly the soldiers are crushed in a splat. They scream for help as they come under a very powerful gravitational force. 

They come to find out that it was Shura’s doing. He reveals to them that he had killed Shiki and now he plans to activate the All-Link System and destroy all the bots in AOI. As he gloats in victory, Emperor Nero pops up on a screen addressing Shura as his son. Everyone is surprised to see him and Shura asks him what happened to Ziggy.

Nero reveals a beheaded Ziggy and declares that it is his victory. He further reveals that using the power of his ether gear, Wormhole, the 20 thousand Imperial Antimatter Bombs Shura had planted in the temple had now been transported to Nero 66. 

Shura is still not convinced that Nero would possess such a tool. He calls him out for bluffing but Nero persuades him to activate the bombs. Not willing to believe his father, Shura proceeds in activating the All-Link System. At that moment the roof comes crashing down and we find our protagonist Shiki has arrived in time to stop Shura.

The chapter ends with Ziggy, who was presumed to be dead, coming back to life and stabbing Nero from the back. Ziggy remarks that their fight is still not over.

Edens Zero Chapter 164 Spoilers

The upcoming chapter of Eden Zero will be released under the title “The Black Sky Pours down”. According to fan theories, the title may reveal either Shiki or Ziggy using the Black Sky ability to defeat their adversaries. Though it is not certain whether Shiki can use the move or not. Ziggy on the other hand is the Demon King and is sure to possess such an ability. However, Xenolith had recognized Shiki’s potential as a prodigy and that he could actually teach him Black Sky.

Could this possibly mean that Shiki and Ziggy will both unleash the ability at the same time causing Shura and Nero to lose? We definitely cannot look forward to Edens Zero Chapter 164 to unveil the winners of the battle.

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Where To Read Edens Zero

You can read the official version of Edens Zero on Amazon Kindle, ComiXology, and Crunchyroll.

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