Edens Zero Chapter 165: Release Date, Spoilers & Leaks

Edens Zero Chapter 165

The latest chapter of Edens Zero was an explosive one! We witnessed Shiki unleash the Super Ultimate Magimech Attack, Black Sky, which completely obliterated Shura. However, in a terrible turn of events, Ziggy was able to defeat and steal Nero’s powers. He now looks to detonate 20,000 bombs to destroy the planet along with Shiki and his friends. What will our protagonist do in this dire situation? If you’re interested in finding out more about the upcoming chapter, Edens Zero Chapter 165, then read on!

Edens Zero Chapter 165 Release Date

Edens Zero Chapter 165 is set to release on 26th October 2021. The upcoming chapter will be titled, “Crossroads”. Depending on the location of the readers, the release date may vary. English translation will be available soon after the Japanese version is released. 

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Edens Zero Chapter 164 Recap

The chapter began with the Interstellar Union Army and the Rebel Army clashing their space ships above the planet of Nero 66. On the surface, we saw Witch being taken to the infirmary after receiving massive damage to her core.

The focus then shifted to the fight between Shiki and Shura. The two were at par with each other. Shiki opened with a Meteor Breaker to Shura’s jaw which was immediately followed by Shura’s attack Heavy Collision that send Shiki flying. 

Edens Zero Shiki

Our focus was once again taken to the fight between Ziggy and Nero. Despite being decapitated, the Mechanical Ziggy managed to survive. He had also managed to steal the Empire Dice and destroy it. Nero got enraged and used his ability to teleport his arm behind Ziggy. However, it proved useless to Ziggy who foresaw the move, and using his move Gravity Drain, he defeated Emperor Nero and stole his ability to teleport.

Coming back to Shiki and Shura, Shura declares that he is going to become more powerful than his father. But Shiki reprimands him and said that he will never make it to the top by hurting others. He proclaims that he and his friends will move forward. 

Following this, we witnessed Shiki conjure a large black ball with his right hand. We saw a flashback in which Xenolith was seen teaching Shiki the values of his friends, of moving forward, and the resolve to fight. Shiki unleashed the Super Ultimate Magimech Attack, Black Sky, and finally defeated Shura.

Their happiness was, however, short-lived. Ziggy suddenly showed up on the big screen. Using the power he stole from Nero, we saw his hand come out of a portal and activate the 20,000 Imperial Antimatter Bomb planted in Nero 66.

What To Expect From Edens Zero Chapter 165

Ziggy has just activated 20,000 Imperial Antimatter Bombs. It is going to result in a planet genocide as the surface of Nero 66 will get flattened by the explosion. Our heroes will have to find a way to escape the planet in order to save themselves. That’s just what we can expect to happen in the upcoming chapter of Edens Zero. Shiki along with his friends will escape the planet before the bomb goes off and maybe Shura will also be taken by them.

Edens Zero Chapter 164

At the beginning of the latest chapter, we saw Eraser and his men fighting against a serpent-like aircraft above the surface of Nero 66. We will witness Eraser use his move to erase the serpent thing in the upcoming chapter. 

Lastly, the chapter will reveal the real identity of Witch. Witch, who was taken to the infirmary, will actually be revealed to be the entity, Mommy! 

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Where To Read Edens Zero

You can read the official version of Edens Zero on Amazon Kindle, ComiXology, and Crunchyroll.

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