Edens Zero Chapter 169 Release Date And Spoilers

Edens Zero Chapter 164

Chapter 168 was quite the bittersweet chapter. On one hand, Mashima did a really wonderful job showing the consequences of the war and how every side is mourning their share of loss, as it should be since nobody really wins in a war.

On the other hand, the send-off of lanterns signifying a farewell to all the ones who died gave such maximum emotional impact. That, plus Shiki’s final goodbye to Witch truly had the waterworks going for us all. This is undoubtedly going to go down as one of Mashima’s best arcs ever. As for Edens Zero Chapter 169, if you’re wondering about the release date and spoilers, head down below to find out all that we know.

Edens Zero Chapter 169 Release Date

Edens Zero Chapter 169 is scheduled to release on Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021.

Recap of Edens Zero Chapter 168

Chapter 168 begins with a shot of the Edens Zero in the Cosmic Sea and then the scene cuts to Justice’s ship. There, the remaining members of the Oracion Seis Interestelar are holding a prayer council. Holy seems dejected at the deaths of Jaguar and Creed, but Justice reminds her that besides them, they also lost many lives, exceeding one thousand.

Edens Zero Chapter 169

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Cure tries to console the others by pointing out their accomplishment in defeating Nero and dismantling the Empire. Cure also suggests that they pray for their allies who have joined the stars. Feather says that only four members of Galactica remain. She says that the pirate queen, Elsie Crimson, is not a prominent threat.

When Justice questions what that means, Eraser replies that Elsie just happens to be really powerful but she hasn’t done any damage to the citizens of the Interstellar Union Army territory. He says that the other three are the bigger issue: ‘Deadened Crow, The Titan of Eternal Darkness’, ‘Archbishop Saintfire Nox’, and ‘God Acnoella, The Mother of Dragons’.

With that, the meeting ends and Justice goes to see Victory. Victory asks Justice why he didn’t bring up Ziggy in their discussion since they know he played a part in Jaguar’s death. But more importantly, Victory wants to talk about Creed and the way he died. In the flashback scene, we see Jesse informing them that the Edens Zero shot Creed.

The flashback also shows us that Justice’s team noticed on the monitor a transport pod approaching them with a signal from the Edens Zero. They learned that the Edens Zero wanted to return Creed’s body. Victory, Jesse and Justice are all shown shocked at this news and realizing that Creed is really dead then.

As Justice wondered what the Edens Zero were plotting, Jesse exclaimed that it may be a trap and went to check. Jesse knew that it would cause major problems for him if Justice ever found out, so he rushed over to it and deleted the message.

Edens Zero Chapter 169

Back in the present time, Victory questions why the Edens Zero felt the need to return Creed’s body. Justice thinks that they wanted to make an example of Creed, but Victory says that doesn’t make sense and thinks otherwise.

Victory is of the belief that making an example would mean wanting to keep people in fear by creating a huge show of killing violently. But Creed’s death wasn’t particularly violent. He died by a single gunshot.

Victory says that he’s not sure that the Edens Zero crew killed Creed. He’s doubtful of Jesse’s story but Justice shrugs it off, saying Jesse said so. Victory replies that Jesse was in a lot of shock so he must have misremembered. Justice can’t be bothered though as the only thing that matters to him is that his friend is dead before he could achieve his goal. Jesse suddenly appears and says that it was Homura Kogetsu who killed Creed.

Edens Zero Chapter 169

The next scene cuts to Sandra, the planet of Sand where the crew gathers for a special occasion. Homura says that she hopes that Creed made it back to his ship and his friends. When Shiki asks why they sent Creed back to the Union Army, she implies that it’s because of what Witch said- that everyone on a ship is family. So she felt that Creed was best off returning to his family in the Interstellar Union Army.

Goodwin shows up, and asks where Rebecca is. They reply that she’s resting on the ship. He states that he also lost friends today. So they’re all going to light lanterns to send off everyone who went home to the sea of stars- a common saying for the souls who have died in Aoi Cosmos. Then, the crew together light up the lanterns and let them go in the air, creating a truly beautiful scene of lanterns soaring into the sky.

As the ending panels show everyone’s bittersweet reactions, we see a silhouette of Witch fading away as Shiki says his final goodbye to her.

Edens Zero Chapter 169

What are Some Expectations for Edens Zero Chapter 169? 

We don’t have any official spoilers yet. Meanwhile, we can indulge in some speculations of our own. Since Jesse made up that lie about Homura being the cause of Creed’s death, we can expect Justice to now target Homura, along with Elsie.

Earlier, it was only Shiki who Justice had bad blood with but now Jesse’s lie about Creed’s death is going to give Justice more reason about targeting the Edens Zero crew as a whole. We may expect an upcoming face-off between Justice and Homura, along with Elsie.

Where to Read Edens Zero Chapter 169 online? 

You can read the latest chapter and the rest of the series on Amazon Kindle, ComiXology, and Crunchyroll.


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