Edens Zero Chapter 196 Release Date, Raw Scans, and More Details

The latest chapter of Edens Zero revealed the defeat of yet another Dark Star, Killer. With that the focus will now shift to the last remaining Dark Star, Clown, who will most likely take on Sister in the upcoming chapter. Shiki along with Happy, Pino, and Weisz are also on the lookout for Rebeca. Read on to find out more about the upcoming chapter, Edens Zero Chapter 196.

About the anime

Edens Zero is a Japanese scientific fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima. It has been serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Manga since June 2018.

Shiki is a human who lives in a city filled with only robots called Granbell. He has lived there for most of his life after being taken in by the Demon King robot. However, one day the robots strangely turned against Shiki, forcing him to leave the planet with Rebecca in order to fulfil their promise to the Demon King, who knew Shiki was destined for greatness!

Edens Zero Chapter 196 Release Date

Edens Zero Chapter 196 is scheduled to be released on 21st June 2022. Every new chapter of Edens Zero gets released after 7 days.

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Edens Zero Chapter 195 Recap

Hermit overpowered Killer with her Overdrive ability and continuously landed blow after blow. Sister warned Hermit not to trash the hangar in the process and left in search of Clown who had vanished. Sister found Clown in the public bath which he had turned into his toxic pool.

Meanwhile, Shiki found Pino and Happy’s location and also had an unexpected reunion with Weisz. Weisz explained how he was nearly tricked by a hologram of his mother which resulted in his injury. He also claimed that he might have figured out the layout of the dimension. 

The battle between Hermit and Killer is still heavily one-sided as Hermit easily evades Killer’s attacks. Hermit then revealed that every weapon in the hangar was network linked to her. She unleashed the full force of the weaponry to blast away at Killer.

However, Killer reveals that Hermit was actually fighting a hologram he had created of himself. The real Killer was standing behind her waiting for an opportunity to strike. He then managed to hack into Hermit’s system and installs a virus that causes her hardware to shut down. 

But unbeknownst to Killer, he was also fighting a hologram the entire time. The real Hermit appeared behind Killer and finished him off using her move “Logical Arm Blast”. Hermit revealed that she learnt of Killer’s hologram abilities thanks to the data Weisz had provided her earlier.

Edens Zero Chapter 196 Raw Scans

The raw scans of Edens Zero revealed a defeated Killer lying on the ground. In the following panels, we see Killer trigger self-destruct that causes an explosion with Hermit directly facing the course of the explosion. It raises questions about Hermit’s safety and whether she will come out of the explosion alive. We also see Killer talking about destroying Hermit’s heart.

The raw scans also revealed that Shiki and Weisz finally found the location where Rebeca was being held. The upcoming chapter also revealed a huge development as we got to see a defeated Homura. Now there are speculations regarding whether Homura is dead or alive. However, we are unable to discern this as of now and will have to wait until the official release of the chapter.

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Where to read Edens Zero

You can read the latest chapter of Edens Zero on Amazon Kindle, ComiXology, and Crunchyroll.

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