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Edens Zero Chapter 211 Release Date, Spoilers, and Other Details

Edens Zero Chapter 164

Here is everything you need to know about Edens Zero Chapter 211.

About: Edens Zero

Edens Zero is an ongoing Japanese shōnen manga series with Hiro Mashima serving as both its writer and illustrator.

The series is set in a fictional space-faring universe called Grand Shiki Cosmos. Several species inhabit the place including humans, aliens, and sentient robots.

It follows the story of a human boy named Shiki who lives on a deserted planet called Granbell. Moreover, Shiki is forced to flee from the place he calls home when the robots turn against him. Subsequently, he embarks on an adventurous journey alongside his friends to be reborn.

Edens Zero Chapter 210: A Quick Recap

Chapter 210 of Edens Zero is titled, ‘The True Enemy.’

The previous chapter showed Ziggy recalling his past self after he temporarily gets back his nice personality. Additionally, he tries his best to answer Shiki’s question but is hesitant to tell where he found him.

Subsequently, Ziggy is unable to reveal the name of the true enemy as he feels Evil Ziggy taking control of his body. Hence, he asks Shiki to kill him.

Edens Zero Chapter 211: What To Expect?

The 211th chapter of Edens Zero is titled, ‘Bloodbath.’

According to an online leak, the upcoming chapter might reveal the person who is controlling Ziggy.

Moreover, it might shed light on the previous chapter’s cliffhanger. It showed Elsie discovering the lifeless bodies of Jesse, Hyoga, and Gowen.

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Edens Zero Chapter 211: Release Date

Chapter 211 of Edens Zero will be included in the 22nd volume of the series. Regardless, the upcoming chapter is anticipated to release on 5th October 2022.

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Edens Zero Chapter 211: Where And How To Read?

All the previous and upcoming chapters of Edens Zero are available on Amazon Kindle, ComiXology, and Crunchyroll.

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