Eleceed Chapter 163: Release Date, Spoilers & Leaks

Gahin Loutrain is undeniably in a state of annoyance over Jiwoo’s repeated humiliation of the World Awakened Academy. This time Jiwoo was not even aware of what his fat cat Kayden had done to Gahin’s divine beast, Lancelot. All of a sudden he finds himself in the ring once again facing Gahin Loutrain and his mystical beast. If you’re interested in finding out more about the upcoming battle in Eleceed Chapter 163 then read on!

Eleceed Chapter 163 Release Date

Following the weekly production schedule of the manhwa, Eleceed Chapter 163 is set to release on October 21, 2021. Fans can expect the upcoming chapter to be released in the coming week. Let’s hope there is no delay in the production of the Eleceed!

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Eleceed Chapter 162 Recap

Here’s a quick recap of what happened in the previous chapter of Eleceed.

Iseul is glad to see that Doori is okay. She weeps as she embraces her dog. Kayden looks at the two and wonders why he had to step in for a guy like Doori. On the other hand, Gahin is shocked by what had just happened. The mystical beast of the Loutrain family was defeated by a fat cat with a single strike.


In the next moment, Gahin catches Jiwoo running towards Iseul. Jiwoo was concerned after hearing an explosion on his way to the dormitory. Gahin thinks that Jiwoo is also an animal control user though Jiwoo has no idea what is going on and looks at Kayden. Gahin gets visibly angry and challenges Jiwoo to a battle. 

The others including the instructors of the academy rush at the sudden news of Gahin Loutrain administrating a battle. They are surprised to find out that his opponent is Jiwoo. They are furious at the World Awakened Academy for administering a battle on their own and that too against Jiwoo who just had his fight with Duke Grayne. 

Gahin ensures that they don’t have to worry. He is also aware that it hasn’t been a while since Jiwoo had his last battle. So he decided that the battle will be using animal mind control. Upon hearing his announcement, everyone turns to look at Kayden who is equally embarrassed. Jiwoo and Kaydan both agree to the terms of the fight. The World Awakened Academy is, however, astounded by Gahin’s decision to fight a fat cat. 

Chul Young commended Jiwoo’s cat’s combat skills. But Miyoung thinks that it will not be easy considering that one of the strongest mythical beasts and is being controlled by one of the strongest animal control users. Gahin is still not over the earlier fight between Kayden and Lancelot. He uses his abilities to awaken Lancelot revealing the true form of the Loutrain Family’s Mythical Beast. 

Eleceed Chapter 163 Spoilers

Unfortunately, the raw scans for the upcoming chapter will be released only one to two days before the official release of the chapter. This means that spoilers will not be available for a while. Once the raw scans are released, we can expect some leaks to be shared on the internet. 


However, one thing is for sure that we will witness the battle between Kayden and Gahin’s mythical beast, Lancelot in the upcoming chapter. We already saw Kayden takedown Lancelot with ease earlier. But now that Lancelot is in his awakened form, it may not be as easy as before.

Kayden is also quite formidable with his combat skills and may have latent abilities we are yet to see. We can definitely expect the upcoming fight to be an explosive one. Though there is still a possibility that Kayden will once again take out Lancelot with one strike. 

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Where To Read Eleceed

You can access the official version of Eleceed on the website of Webtoon. You can also download the Webtoon app to access Eleceed and many other manga titles.

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