Eleceed Chapter 168 Release Date and Spoilers!

Gahin Loutrain has lost some of his memories after having a fateful encounter with a fat cat. This incident has left many people doubtful about whether Gahin can actually succeed as the head of the Loutrain family.

To soothe your worries, we bring you the latest updates about the next chapter after doing extensive research. Here’s everything you need to be aware of the upcoming Eleceed chapter 168.

Eleceed Chapter 168 Release Date

The upcoming Eleceed chapter will be getting released on the 25th of November 2021. Every new chapter gets released on a weekly basis. No delays have been announced yet.

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Eleceed Chapter 167 Recap

The previous chapter begins with the announcement that Gahin Loutrain is suffering from short term amnesia. Every one in the meeting is aghast and left shocked at hearing this tragic news. They speculate on what could have led to him suffering from this predicament.

One possible reason could be him losing his battle, the aftermath of which is trauma. They discuss how Gahin has been staring blankly into space like a zombie and walking around without any purpose.

Later, they decide to pray for him to regain his usual self. Meanwhile, in his room, Gahin is desperately trying to remember what happened to him. Despite his best efforts, he can’t remember anything other than what he was doing before: walking around the academy.

The aftermath is mired in mystery and darkness. Suddenly, he remembers that he was searching for the fat cat and the malnourished cat. However, he doesn’t recall anything else. Moreover, he keeps hearing voices inside his head, which disturb his sense of mental peace.

Taking into account all these events, many people are worried and have started questioning if Gahin is fit enough to be the next heir. Wooin is requested to join the World Awakeners Academy because of his immense potential and yet, he politely refuses.

Where To Read

Eleceed’s official version is available on the Webtoon website. Eleceed and many other manga series are also available through the Webtoon app.

Eleceed Chapter 168 Spoilers

The raw scans will be released around 2-3 days before the official release date. However, it seems likely that Gahin will regain some of his lost memories and hopefully, we get to understand the mystery of the fat cat.

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