Eleceed Chapter 178 Release Date (Ji-Woo’s Mom) and Spoilers

In the previous chapter, Ji-woo’s mother arrives to meet him and this is a shock not just for the characters but for us too. Everyone thought he’s an orphan.

Here’s everything you’d want to know about Eleceed Chapter 178.

About Eleceed

Ji-Woo is a kind-hearted young man who meets Kayden, an Awakener with strong powers and the ability to become a cat. He receives training from Kayden and slowly becomes stronger.

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Eleceed Chapter 177 Recap

In the previous chapter, some new characters were introduced which helped us get a better idea of the universe. Ji-Woo is stunned to see his mother. Kayden and another cat are shocked to find out that it is his mother and that she is so youthful and elegant.

Jiwoo and his mom

We learn that she is a pharmaceutical scientist at a company abroad. Ji-woo enquires why she returned. She replies that she made a visit for a short time. She comments how happy she is to see him being so bright and happy compared to the last times she’s seen him.

Ji-Woo sits her down and explains that he learnt that he’s an Awakened and that he has powers. He tells her that he finally understands why he was considered weird. His mother silently sits and explains that she knows about the world of the Awakened from working in pharmaceutical science.

His mother, however, tells him to be cautious since it’s a dangerous world and expresses concern. Then, his friends arrive and praise him for defeating Julien by a brainy move. Just like Kayden, his friends are surprised to learn that he has a mother. They immediately bow down and show their respect.



However, after the introduction is done, Ji-woo’s mom requests them not to use honorifics. she apologizes for bringing no food with her and that she doesn’t know how to cook either. They tell her not to worry for they love delivery food (lol!) They share some delicious food and talk about how much progress he has made socially.

Eleceed Chapter 178 Spoilers]

Spoilers for the Eleceed Manhwa are usually not released. You’ll have to wait for 5 more days, which isn’t so bad.

Eleceed Chapter 178 Release Date

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Eleceed Chapter 178 is scheduled to get released on the 26th of January, 2022. A new Eleceed chapter gets released on a Wednesday every week.

Where To Read

You can find all the Eleceed chapters on the Webtoon website/anime. However, it is free only to a certain extent.

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