Eleceed Chapter 191 Release Date, Preview, and More Details

Here’s what you would want to know about Eleceed Chapter 191. Keep reading further to find out more about what will happen in the upcoming chapter of Eleceed.

About Eleceed

San Jae Ho and ZHENA created Eleceed, a fantasy and action webtoon. It is available on Naver (in Korean) or WEBTOON (in Korean and English). It has a Webtoons rating of 9.9/10, and a new episode is released every Tuesday.

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Jiwoo and Kayden are the main protagonists in this fantasy action manhwa. Jiwoo, a high school student with cat-like reflexes, sets out to make the world a better and safer place by saving children and pets one at a time out of the goodness of his heart.

Eleceed Chapter 19o Recap


All the characters are seen in Ji-woo’s apartment quarreling over why they ordered spicy food even when they clearly knew some of them can’t eat spicy food at all. The quarrel even becomes very physical with two people even throwing punches at each other. Ji-woo annoys the two cats by calling them “Chubby-Chubby” and “Boney-Ass Kitty”.

Jiwoo has affirmed the World Awakeners Academy’s offer. However, as Curtin puts it, it is not a safe environment. The location is notorious for severing friendships, and the party of four might be their first victim. Jiwoo and his buddies are excited to embark on this new chapter in their lives.

Eleceed Chapter 191 Spoilers

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Sadly, raw images for Eleceed chapter 191 have not been released yet to the public. Usually, Eleceed does not release raw scans like they do with the mangas released on Weekly Shonen Jump.

Eleceed Chapter 191 Release Date

Eleceed Chapter 191 is expected to release on the 24th of April 2022. The latest chapter of Eleceed is released every Tuesday according to the following timezones:

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 9 AM
  • Eastern Daylight Time: Noon
  • Central Daylight Time: 11 AM
  • British Summer Time: 5 PM

Where To Read

You can read Eleceed legally on the website of Webtoon. You can also download the Webtoon app to access Eleceed and many other manga titles.

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