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Eleceed Chapter 203 Release Date, Spoilers, and other Details

Eleceed Chapter 192

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about Eleceed Chapter 203.

About Eleceed

Eleceed is a fantasy and action webtoon created by San Jae Ho and ZHENA. It can be found on Naver (in Korean) or WEBTOON (in Korean and English). It has a 9.9/10 rating on Webtoons, and a new episode is released every Tuesday.

The key characters in this fantasy action manhwa are Jiwoo and Kayden. Jiwoo, a high school student with the quick reflexes of a cat, sets out to make the world a better and safer place by saving children and pets one by one out of the generosity of his heart.

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Recap of Eleceed Chapter 202

  • The chapter starts off with a first look at the beginning of the spar between the Korean rookies and the Top 10 rookies. The next ten chapters will focus on this 6 vs 6 battle.
  • Sucheon from the Korean rookies and Laura Jensen from the World Awakening Academy are the first fighters. Laura belongs to the Jensen family and she’s known for being quite aggressive.
  • She usually defeats her opponent so badly that their wounds are unrecoverable, and Sucheon is also exactly like that. We all know that Sucheon is the most aggressive one.
  • Laura starts messing with Sucheon as she says that he should’ve been better prepared to fight if he knew she was his opponent. As for Sucheon, he’s determined to prove himself to everyone.
  • Laura has the ground ability which allows her to manipulate the ground. And Sucheon has the gravity ability. Sucheon is initially not aware of her abilities which leads to him getting a severe injury. Laura starts off the fight with a sudden attack at Sucheon that pierces his chest.
  • She had aimed at his heart but he managed to dodge it in the nick of time. Though she attacks again, Sucheon’s still able to stand strongly after the attack and even charges back his own counterattack.
  • So, after he learns of her abilities, Sucheon easily defeats her with gravity manipulation as he sends back the same piece of rock she’d used to attack him. The chapter then ends with both Sucheon and Laura thinking of a final move, so the question is who will win?

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Eleceed Chapter 203 Release Date

Eleceed Chapter 203 is set to be released on Wednesday, July 20, 2022.

Eleceed Chapter 203 Spoilers

The raw scans of Eleceed Chapter 203 are not available yet. It is usually out one to two days before the official release of the upcoming chapter.

Meanwhile, let’s go through some speculations regarding the upcoming chapter. The next chapter may begin with the continuation of the fight between Sucheon and Laura. Sucheon has an advantage because of flying, so Laura has to come up with something new to land ground attacks on him.


But it won’t be easy as in the ending panel of the previous chapter, we see Sucheon giving a smile as though he’s made up his mind to crush her. We also know that Sucheon is a very aggressive fighter. Adding to this, in the past few months, he lost his grandfather, father, and his clan’s reputation.

He has a lot depending on his shoulder and taking down one of the Top 10 rookies will improve Baekdu’s reputation all over the world. So he seems determined to crush her.

But now the question arises, who would be fighting in round 2? Many fans speculate that it might be Jisuk and Subin Lee.

Where to Read Eleceed Online?

You can access the official version of Eleceed on the website of Webtoon. You can also download the Webtoon app to access Eleceed and many other manga titles.




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