Elizabeth Olsen Teases About WandaVision’s Connection To Doctor Strange 2

Marvel star Elizabeth Olsen has recently revealed the link between her Disney+ series WandaVision in Doctor Strange 2. The sequel of Doctor Strange titled Doctor Strange: Multiverse Of Madness is expected to be out next year.

Actor Elizabeth Olsen is also confirmed to appear on next year’s Doctor Strange. Speaking to The Wrap in an interview, Olsen said that the whole movie of Doctor Strange would not make sense if it were not for WandaVision.

In the interview, Olsen mentioned, “Without WandaVision, Doctor Strange wouldn’t make sense. I do feel like it fully leads into where we find her. It feels totally connected to the series.”

Role Of WandaVision In Doctor Strange 2

It has been long speculated that Olsen’s character in the cinematic universe will be seen as the main villain in Doctor Strange 2. Since it was shown that she has gained new access to spells and powers by the end of the Disney+ series, this seems highly possible.

With the 2021 list of Emmy nominations, Olsen’s WandaVision also stands tall among many shows with a total of 23 nominations. This makes it one of the highest nominated shows after Netflix’s The Crown.

Besides Olsen, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki is also highly rumored to appear in Doctor Strange 2. With the sixth and last episode of the Loki series, it was revealed that there is a high possibility of this happening.


Some media outlets have reported that since Loki played an important role in opening the Multiverse of Madness and destroying the Sacred Timeline, he will also play a role in Doctor Strange 2.

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As a hint for fans for an upcoming project, Tom Hiddleston also shared that he was on a filming set on February 9 this year. Since shooting and production for the Loki series were already wrapped up last year, fans have speculated that this is shooting for Doctor Strange 2. However, Marvel Studios have not officially confirmed the reports as of now.

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