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Elizabeth Olsen vs. Paul Bettany on WandaVision Set | Elizabeth & Paul to Return SOON!

Speaking with Vanity Fair, veteran MCU star Elizabeth Olsen reflected on the only time she ever had a real fight with her on-screen love interest, Paul Bettany, while they filmed WandaVision.

While rewatching Wanda and Vision’s final scene together in Episode 9 of WandaVision, Olsen recalled having to kiss Bettany while he was in his full Vision make-up, joking about him being “purple” with “dots on his face:”

“I have to say that while he’s purple, while he has dots on his face, and while his last layer of make-up is glitter, and when he kisses me, it’s on my mouth. I mean, it’s just, the whole thing is a mess.”

That scene also incited what Olsen described as “Snotgate,” which led to the only time that she and Bettany “actually had a genuine argument” in their time working together.

During the kiss, Bettany’s nose started running onto her, although Bettany thought it was her nose running on him, which got the two into their only fight on an MCU set:

“When we were doing press for the show, we talked about ‘Snotgate,’ because this was the only time Paul and I actually had a genuine argument ever in our six years of working with each other, and it was because I said that he snotted on me and I asked his makeup artist to get him a tissue. And he said it was my snot, and he was actually mad at me! So bizarre, and it was our first fight, and it was because of this scene, because I said he snotted on me and he thought it was mine. You can’t really snot on yourself that way, but whatever.”

When Will Elizabeth Olsen & Paul Bettany Return?

While it’s not surprising to hear about a disagreement on the set of a major Hollywood production, hearing Elizabeth Olsen reflect back on her only fight with Paul Bettany shows just how solid their relationship has been over the years.

And after co-starring in three Marvel Studios along with their highly-praised efforts in WandaVision, the big question many have is where and when the two will be back in action under the Marvel Studios umbrella.

Bettany already teased that Vision isn’t quite done yet in the MCU, largely due to the fact that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige “doesn’t really allow loose ends” like the ones left at the end of WandaVision.

As for Olsen, although Wanda appeared to meet her end in the final battle of Doctor Strange 2, Feige was quite noncommital in confirming that the character was actually dead and not coming back for more MCU projects.

Rumors have already pointed to Wanda’s return coming in the new Agatha: Coven of Chaos Disney+ series while Bettany is said to have his own Vision Quest series in the works too.

No matter how it all works out, the WandaVision story seems to be far from done.

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