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Why is Emilico and Kate a special duo? Shadows House

Emilico and Kate

Emilico and Kate are the protagonists of the horror anime Shadows House. Initially, Emilico was assigned to Kate as her Living Doll. Emilico serves Kate as best as she can but a friendship soon blossoms between the two.

Emilico and Kate are, however, the worst pairing in the Shadows House. Both of them have contrasting personalities. Emilico is cheerful, optimistic, kind, and very helpful. Kate, on the other hand, is calm and collected while possessing superior intellect. She is the complete opposite of the outspoken and naive Emilico.

However, they get along very well. This friendship is a problem for many occupants of the House. During the Debut of Kate, Edward the supervisor wanted to eliminate the duo as soon as possible.

Their incompatibility also serves as an interesting plot twist. Normally, Dolls obey their Shadow without question. There are also instances of Shadows rebuking their Dolls for not mimicking them.

This is not the case with the duo. Kate sees Emilico as a separate individual and as a friend. Emilico is also her own person and considers her as a friend. It can be noted that Emilico represents Kate’s warm and good side while Kate represents Emilico’s dark side.

This abnormality causes concerns for other Shadows as they believe that Kate will discover the secrets of the House and start a rebellion. This is shown when she wishes to free Emilico from the brainwashing.

Kate can manipulate soot which is another concern for other Shadows and Edward, who is in charge of the children’s wing.  The duo represents Shadow House’s downfall and its secrets as both of them act contrary to other pairs.

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