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Eternals: Thanos Is the Last Eternal


Marvel had a traveling MCU exhibit called the Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N traveling around the globe this year.

Mad Titan has a new origin story in MCU.

While it has been stopped now due to the pandemic, The Direct was able to catch the exhibit before that, and in it was some new information about the Mad Titan that we never expected to exist.

While Thanos finished off as the villain of phase 3 of Marvel with him being teased as the mega villain from the first phase, it is still believed that Thanos might be making an appearance in Eternals now that this new info has come to light.


Last Eternal alive

Young Thanos might appear in The Eterenals according to Thanos co-creator Jim Starlin

Even though we are not sure if he will make a cameo or will just be mentioned in Eternals, one thing is for sure, he is the last Eternal alive (well, who was alive but now dead) according to the exhibit.

Now, this might be because the Eternals have been dormant for more than 1000 years on Earth, and now that the movie is releasing next November, we might get to see why the dormant race is suddenly coming out of the shadows.

What on Earth were the Eternals up to?

While the Eternals have so many powerful players and have been on Earth for so long, another question arises, why didn’t they do anything. At least in Infinity War and Endgame, they could’ve helped; given that Thanos is an Eternal and a world-class criminal, won’t he be on their radar?

If these events didn’t make them come out of hiding, now what happened so big that they are out of the shadows? Or is it merely that they are reacting slowly to half of the whole world disappearing into thin air after the Mad Titan’s snap? We would have to wait till next November to find out that.


Titanian Eternal

As for Thanos being the last Eternal, wait, many are still confused about how Thanos is even an Eternal, to begin with. Because in the comics, in most of the scenarios, it’s shown that he is a deviant mutant. But the thing is, Thanos in the comics have different origins in different comics within Marvel.

MCU is not adapting the comics as it is; sometimes, they make the necessary changes to connect to the timeline and characters. In that way, fans have known that A’lars, the father of Thanos, was the creator of Titanian Eternals; the only thing that came as a shock to fans is the word “Last.”

Thanos the last of the powerful species?

Given that Eternals have been dormant for years now, it is expected, I guess, for the people to think Thanos is the last of the species. Maybe that also gave Thanos the guts to take on Earth, thinking that Eternals are not around to stop him.

Boy, I wish they had made an appearance; probably Thanos would’ve choked in shock because we did see in the Endgame that he is not good with being surprised. He saw Wanda as a good opponent and panicked, immediately, ordering to fire.



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