Eternals Trailer To Be Released Soon After Chloe Zhao’s Record-Setting Oscar Win?

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Fans have started to press the notion of having Eternals trailer as a way of celebrating Chloe Zhao’s victory.

Why are fans asking for Eternals Trailer all of a sudden?

We were supposed to be done with the movie by now, but we still haven’t seen a trailer, thanks to the pandemic.

The pandemic has altered the course of phase 4, and after marvel revamped its schedule, Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings took precedence.

Shang-Chi, which was initially said to come after Eternals, now has a date before it and has even released its trailer.

Which Marvel movie is Chloe Zhao, the Oscar-winning director, directing?

Well, we are glad to have another academy winner amongst the Marvel family. Chloe Zhao, who is making her Marvel debut as the director of Eternals, just won her first Oscar.

Not only did Chloe win a prestigious award, but she also won it in the category not many women have even be nominated over the years.


Chloe Zhao Oscar Win
Chloe Zhao During Oscar Acceptance Speech

Chloe wins the award for her film Nomadland as the best director. But the film itself won three Oscars on the whole, making this a big day for Chloe and everyone she is related to.

How are Marvel fans celebrating Chloe Zhao’s Oscar?

Well, Marvel fans always have out-of-the-world requests, and they always get what they want. Ever since the Shang-Chi trailer dropped, fans have been waiting eagerly for the Eternals trailer.

Now, fans want Marvel to release the Eternals trailer as a way to celebrate Chloe Zhao’s win. We don’t know if it is possible, but Eternals had finished its filming way before Shang-Chi, so releasing a trailer shouldn’t be a problem for Marvel.

Unless Marvel is planning something big and wants the trailer out on some said occasion, this is a good time as any to release the trailer.

All eyes are on Chloe Zhao, and the movie will just be taking her to the billions of fans worldwide. Maybe marvel will heed to the fans and release it to please the fans. Anyway, just stay tuned for updates.

Eternals is said to release on November 5, 2021.

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