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Everything about the ‘Blue Period’ anime adaptation!

With the ninth volume recently published in Japan and previous announcements that Blue Period would soon have exciting announcements, there were many rumors that pointed to the fantastic work of Tsubasa Yamaguchi having an anime adaptation.

Thus, it was at the end of January when, through the RRSS of Kodansha itself and the author of the work in question, it was confirmed that Blue Period will finally have an animated series whose premiere is scheduled for next autumn 2021 – to a date yet to be determined.

But it has been now, with the launch of a new chapter of Blue Period, when more information about the project has begun to be confirmed, especially by the main staff. An announcement that has been accompanied by a couple of promotional images of the animated adaptation and a first teaser trailer.

The first of the key visuals.

Thus, the Blue Period anime will feature Seven Arcs (Tonikaku KawaiiArt) for its production with Katsuya Asano as the director, and Koji Masunari as the general director of the entire production. Also included are Reiko Yoshida in charge of the script and Tomoyuki Shitaya for the character design.

We are looking at a project that, if it turns out really well, can cause a sensation and become one of the best series of the year. A work that is lauded for its humanism, attitude towards life and relationship with art itself. A work with a multitude of nuances that, without a doubt, should be supported by a studio up to the challenge.

Check out the trailer as well here:

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