Everything You Need to Know About “The Nightmare” Villain of Doctor Strange 2


Nightmare is the ruler of the Dream Dimension. While you are asleep, The Nightmare will influence your dream. The Nightmare is a Class Three demon and feeds on the psychic energy of humans. Often, we have heard about nightmares where people get weird dreams and they also get scared. This reality has been turned into creativity in the film making. The makers of this creation are Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

Creation of the Nightmare


The Nightmare was once a servant of Shuma-Gorath. He knew the powers he possessed and once he thought that he should be something more than just a servant. In the scenario of escaping the job he was doing, he dived into the Dream Dimension. This was the time when the demon took over the dimension and ruled it with the immense powers he had. He caused fear in the mind of people and one day he realized that he is dependent on the fear.

Powers possessed by the demon

There are many powers which the demon possesses which are listed below:

Manipulation powers, for example, darkness, dimensional, energy, and reality;

Blast power

Divine power

Illusion casting




Emotion control

You can very well imagine the strength that Nightmare gets from the above-mentioned powers. Furthermore, these powers will use on human beings in the movie and you will see how the manipulation is done.

Who is standing against Nightmare?

Evil has to come to an end. This is what we have been learning to date. To fight evil someone has to take the initiative, for which Doctor Strange has come forward. Doctor Strange will fight the Nightmare in the movie for which he will cast a protective spell before a person will sleep.

Marvel’s Nightmare

Adding further, Marvel has come up with the best concept to gain the attention of the fans. Marvel deals with several comic, thrills, and humorous movies, amongst them, Nightmare is one such masterpiece. The production team has been working hard in the making of the movie and once it is done, the same will be released in theaters near you.

Likewise any other famous character, Nightmare will have a place in each fan’s heart. Nightmare is a fictional supervillain who has been featured in the Marvel comics. This demon is an enemy of Doctor Strange and Ghost Rider. There are some of the most unpredictable scenes that the fans will get to see.

Marvel Studio has been creating some of the most favorite characters. Nightmare is one of them too. Along with Nightmare, Doctor Strange is a character that depicts the good side. He will fight against the demon and help people live a normal life. The demon can influence and manipulate humans during their dreams. Or it is said that Nightmare can make a terror attack look like a dream. The character is destructive but will be loved by all.

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