The biggest movie of all time hit theatres a year ago in April ’19. But before Endgame hit theatres it got a boost from one of the biggest fan artists in the world Kode Abdo aka BossLogic. He announced an exclusive endgame poster for Atom Ticket on April 2, 2019. The Avengers (post-Snap) features on the poster. At the base of the fire, Thanos takes control of the Infinity Gauntlet, forecasting an epic confrontation between the two Marvel characters, Captain Marvel.

Look at that poster again, and the memories of the Endgame will flood in your mind, but look closely (especially in the space around the Thor and Bruce Banner), and you’ll notice something new. It is as if these two Avengers are fading into the background.

The remnants of the initial poster’s original concept are Six-Core Avengers (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, Hulk, and Black Widow). On the first anniversary of the Endgame, Inverse reached BossLogic for discarded art. He sent back this haunting picture:

Avengers Endgame Unused Posters By Boslogic

“Here are some of the unused stuff, mainly the character posters being dusted,” Abdo wrote the mail. “I loved the concept, but it was too on the nose.”

Returning to San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Inverse interviewed Kode Abdo and asked him how it worked on the Avengers: Endgame poster. He revealed that there was a year of collaboration in the making.

“They loved my work, and they connected with me, and then I went to the office and the studios, and we had a good chat in January 2018, but it was too late for Infinity War, ”Abdo said. In San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Inverse interviewed Kode Abdo and asked about how he ended up working on the Avengers: Endgame poster.

They liked my work and they got in contact with me, and then I ended up heading to the office and studios, and we had a great chat in January 2018, but it was way too late for Infinity War,” Abdo said. “So they helped me get in to make stuff for Endgame and the rest is history. From that job I got other pitches.”

He also offered the following advice for anyone needing the motivation to turn art into a full-fledged career.
“All these people who ask me for advice, I just say: Stop thinking about it and just start. It’s always going to be slow, but as long as it’s your passion, the more you produce the better you’ll get. The money and all that sort of stuff will come in time.”

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