Fairy Tail: Everything you need to know about Natsu Dragneel’s powers

Fairy Tail’s main character Natsu Dragneel is arguably the strongest wizard in the anime series by the end. Authored by Hiro Mashima, the series is an adaptation of the manga by the same name. Mashima even stated that his favourite character is Natsu- for the reason that the character is based on his personality. 

Natsu’s character is greatly loved by fans, due to his energetic personality and crazy good combat scenes. In this article, we shall explore more of this much-idolized character.

Who is Fairy Tail’s Natsu Dragneel?

Natsu, a young mage in the Fairy Tail wizard guild, who has a reputation of being fiercely vigilant of the safety of his guild members. His guild tattoo is on the right side of his arm.

He is raised and trained by the dragon Igneel in the use of Fire Dragon Slayer magic. It gives him the power to ingest and create fire and makes him immune to fire-based attacks. Natsu is known to be notorious and causes collateral damage for which his guild is mostly blamed for. 

Fairy Tail: Natsu’s powers and abilities

Natsu’s Fire Dragon Slayer magic allows him to transform his body similar to that of a fire dragon. It allows him to breathe fire and surround his body in flames to expand his deadly power. Being a dragon slayer, he exhibits a hypersensitive sense of smell and the ability to swallow fire and aggravate his stamina and power.

After consuming Jellal and Aetherion’s flame of rebuke, he gets into a state called “Dragon Force”, which is known to be the supreme level of Dragon Slayer Magic. At this point, his skin becomes scaly similar to that of a dragon and his might and agility increase considerably. 

Natsu has a vast range of moves and unique attacks which are constantly improving and evolving to create massive, world-destructive magic. The fandom considers his strongest move to be the final attack used to defeat the last, strongest villain in the series, although no official name was given for it. 


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