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Falcon and The Winter Soldier Breaking WandaVision’s Records!


Disney Plus, which is not even one year old yet, has been on the rise thanks to its amazing content. While most of its much-awaited shows are yet in production, the streaming platform has already got the attention of millions of fans worldwide.

Next to Mandalorian

With the humongous success of the 5th episode of WandaVision, the series has been the third most viewed in the USA, which is close to the Mandalorian.

WandaVision, which had outstanding reviews from the critics and art fans, didn’t do that well. Even though the series had amazing reviews and was the first phase 4 project, it took some time for fans to get used to the sitcom type pattern the series was following.

While some fans avoided watching the show as it didn’t make sense, the mysteries that started to unravel in the midst of these episodes kept the others focused on finding out what the heck is happening.

Not your average TV show

Now by the fourth and the fifth episodes, you get to know the outside perspective on what’s happening, and the things have started to get interesting, thus putting WandaVision as the third most in-demand show in the USA last week.

According to Parrot Analytics, it has ranked WandaVision as 60 times more desired than the average television program with the Mandalorian at 63. But it looks like Falcon and the Winter Soldier, set to stream on March 19, will be beating WandaVision to it.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s hype went a storming high when a new trailer was released during the Super Bowl. The trailer has been racking up millions of views and has already beaten WandaVision.

 Breaking records

Sam Wilson- Falcon And The Winter Soldier

WandaVision previously held the record for the most views for a streaming service series’ trailer within 24 hours with 53 million views. Now Falcon and the Winter Soldier holds the indisputable record at 125 million views.

This record also beat the Black Widow movie trailer’s record, which racked up only 119 million views within the first 24 hours. It would be an understatement to tell that fans are expecting Falcon and the Winter Soldier to release asap.

Let’s just hold on for a while; then we get to see the Falcon and the Winter Soldier behaving like kids and have a staring contest. Man…. without Cap, who will tame these two unruly children?

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