Fans Love These Bleach Anime Opening Songs And We Agree!

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Bleach is indeed one of the most popular anime series all around the world. Although it is especially renowned for having diverse characters, the anime has some of the most iconic opening songs. Hence, here is a list of some of the most iconic Bleach anime opening songs that fans adore.

Fans Love These Bleach Anime Opening Songs And We Agree!

Asterisk by Orange Range

Asterisk is arguably one of the most lovable Bleach anime opening songs and is also the first opening in the series. In addition, the song takes us back to a time when things were simpler. At that time, Ichigo was seen struggling to live a human life while killing Hollow simultaneously.

Orange Range - Asterisk   (Oficial)

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Rolling Star by YUI

Fans Love These Bleach Anime Opening Songs And We Agree!

Rolling Star is the fifth opening of Bleach and is played to celebrate the conclusion of the Bount Arc. Furthermore, fans get hyped up all the time after watching Ichigo powering his Bankai in the last few seconds of the clip.

D-technoLife by UVERworld

UVERworld certainly knows how to make an impact with only music. Meanwhile, it includes one of the most epic opening sequences in the series as the major heroes make an appearance with their powers. Additionally, significant Soul Reapers are also included.

Ichirin no Hana by High and Mighty Color

High and Mighty Color - Ichirin no Hana PV BEST QUALITY HD 1280x720

High and Mighty Color’s Ichirin no Hana is the third opening in the Bleach series. Moreover, it includes an upbeat and energetic beat of drums. The track incredibly captures the exhaustion Bleach’s characters face while they try to rescue Ruki.


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Shojo S by SCANDAL

Fans Love These Bleach Anime Opening Songs And We Agree!

Shoujo S is the tenth opening in the anime. While the opening sequence is basic the song itself is quite catchy. In addition, it shows Rukia, Orihime, and Rangiku dancing and singing the track.

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