Fans Think Shawn Levy Is Teasing The Hulk In Deadpool 3, Would We See Hulk In Deadpool 3?

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There was a giant question mark over “Deadpool 3” after the sale of 20th Century Fox to Disney, with many fans worried the R-rated franchise would not fit into Disney’s more toned-down Marvel offerings. Marvel creative maestro Kevin Feige recently confirmed the franchise would remain R-rated under Disney, but fans have still been waiting for a new feature-length outing from the red-suited assassin since the release of “Deadpool 2” in 2018.

Speculation among fans about potential “Deadpool 3” characters and stories has been on fire, especially with the possibilities now widening thanks to the Disney partnership. “Deadpool” star and producer Ryan Reynolds even managed to fit in some wild cameos in the hit “Free Guy,” indicating big things could be ahead for “Deadpool 3.” It’s difficult to imagine something big not happening with Reynolds on a winning streak at the moment, appearing in recent hits like the aforementioned “Free Guy,” “Red Notice,” and Netflix’s “The Adam Project.”

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“Free Guy” and “The Adam Project” were directed by Reynolds’ friend and collaborator Shawn Levy, who has also signed on to be the director of “Deadpool 3” (via The Hollywood Reporter). He already has people buzzing about possible additions to the franchise, including the Hulk.


Fans Think Shawn Levy Is Teasing The Hulk In Deadpool 3

Fans think Shawn Levy is teasing the Hulk in Deadpool 3

Shawn Levy recently tweeted what appears to be a behind-the-scenes image from “The Adam Project” to his followers, which shows Ryan Reynolds and co-star Mark Ruffalo laying together in the grass. Next to them are two stickers, one representing the Hulk and the other Deadpool. “Little did I know…” Levy wrote.

The post has fans buzzing and theorizing that Levy is teasing that the Hulk could be in “Deadpool 3.” More exciting is the involvement of Ruffalo, who currently portrays Bruce Banner/Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A crossover would tie Deadpool directly into the MCU.

Fans Think Shawn Levy Is Teasing The Hulk In Deadpool 3


“Wanna see Deadpool sharing tacos with Hulk in DP3. They both like tacos. Just them randomly at the same taco place, sitting with their backs to each other, unaware of the other’s presence,” Twitter user @ladylakeerd2021 wrote in response.

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Numerous others called attention to the post and approved of the potential team-up. “Hulk in Deadpool 3.Yes, please!” user @JLump22 tweeted. “Hulk is in the Deadpool movie? Do we think he’s taking the place of Colossus?” theorized @ryanarey, referring to Colossus’ (Stefan Kapičić) involvement in the other “Deadpool” movies.

Neither Ruffalo nor Hulk has been confirmed for “Deadpool 3” and Levy could have simply been having a bit of fun. Still, there is very little known about the directions “Deadpool 3” will go in, and a Hulk team-up is not out of the question.


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