Farhan Akhtar Bags International Secret Marvel Project

Farhan Akhtar of Bollywood fame has bagged a project with Marvel Studios and is stationed in Bangkok for filming.

Who is Farhan Akhtar?

Well, the guy is basically an immensely talented Bollywood actor who has given some excellent movies. His latest film Toofaan has a big buzz going around it and is expected to release soon.

He is a complete package. He sings, dances, writes, directs, and is hot as hell. He has been acting in Bollywood movies for some time now, and this should be his big Hollywood debut.

But he has already worked on a movie, Bride and Prejudice, which was released back in 2004, along with his sister and famous Indian filmmaker, Zoya Akhtar.

What Marvel Project is it?

If we had heard about this one year before, we would’ve thought that it might be in Shang- Chi, but that movie is done and is ready to be released.

No other movie or show that we know has been related to Asian people as far as we have heard. But we have no idea what is cooking in Marvel’s mind.

We have seen before that they take things in a completely unpredictable way, so there is no telling what they are doing.

How much do we know?

Well, this is what everyone knows as of now. Farhan Akhtar has left Mumbai and is stationed in Thailand for a Marvel Project.

Now, this may be a movie or a show, but no matter how much we break our heads, we can’t guess it right.

We did already see in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Tony Stark had nothing to do in India, but we got to see him actually leave an Indian wedding in India.

Tony Stark In India (Spider-Man: Homecoming)

We also got to see Doctor Strange walk through the streets of India for his movie. We also got to see Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff meet each other for the first time in India.

So, India does have a good connection with the MCU, so we might get to see another great connection.

Just stay tuned to every Marvel fan page and Farhan Akhtar fan pages because we might see something there soon.




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