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First look: Millie Bobby Brown as Sherlock’s teen sister in Netflix’s ‘Enola Holmes’



After facing interdimensional threats in “Stranger Things”, the British actress plays the courageous role of the 19th-century sleuth who breaks the fourth wall and puts out a cool martial arts movement in Netflix’s upcoming film “Enola Homes.”

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Based on the book series by Nancy Springer, “Enola” (coming to Netflix in September) portrays Brown as Sherlock Holmes’ rebellious and modern teen sister. Victorian-era adventure is a political journey of equal parts fate and story, as Enola “fights for her freedom to become a woman of her own,” says director Harry Bradbeer.



Raised and taught by her eccentric loving mother Eudoria, Enola is a free-spirited person who is very good at fistcuffs, not great at the bicycle, but amazing when it comes to word puzzles and reading. After her mother disappears on the girl’s 16th birthday, Enola’s older brother Mycroft (Sam Claflin), orders him to go to school to finish school, a choice Sherlock doesn’t like.

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Inspired by former Sherlock avatars and the TV show “Fleabag,” Brown’s character regularly looks at the camera and directly addresses the audience. Eudoria gave her name Enola, which reads “Alone” backwards. And Bradbeer says the young woman “needed some kind of connection with her loneliness.” “She needed us on this journey. It wasn’t just fun, it was necessary.”

Bradbeer says there is a “major love story” between Enola and Sherlock, who becomes a little father to his sister. Cavill brought “extraordinary consistency and strength” to the role, and Brown formed a sibling relationship with the “Superman” actor.

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Brown counts Angelina Jolie as her filmmaking role model.

And after seeing Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and literally anyone on the Disney Channel as a child, Brown yearned to put on the main female role that young women could call their own. She further said: “I’m really doing this for my 8-year-old sister because she can now look at Enola and want to be like her.”

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