Five Anime Characters Whom We Can’t Hate

Here is everything you need to know about the five anime characters whom we can’t hate.

Shōyō Hinata

Shōyō Hinata is a character who doesn’t give up though the disadvantage is on his side. He is a short volleyball player in a sport dominated by tall people. He has an energetic and fun personality with great chemistry with whichever character he is interacting with at the moment.

His flaws don’t make him unlikeable, and the Haikyuu! The series is generally full of beloved characters. Hinata is the main character, and his journey is fun to watch from beginning to end. He’s been regularly near or at the top of Haikyuu’s popularity polls.

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Anya Forger

Spy x Family has taken a storm over the internet just recently. Among the characters, Anya is arguably the most likable of them all. She’s just a young, innocent and adorable kid.

Still, she has telepathic powers that put her in some interesting interactions with characters around her. It’s incredibly wholesome seeing her breakthrough Loid’s otherwise cold personality.


Megumin isn’t really an anime character that one should hate. A great deal of her popularity comes from the Light Novels that extend past just the anime. Her yelling and inability to cast it more than once a day is amusing, especially given how impressive the attack looks.


Disliking Team Rocket is generally an unpopular opinion online. Here James’ personality and tragic backstory make him nearly impossible to hate. His relationship with Pokemon is often sweet, even if there is a running gag that they often hurt him.

As we all have seen most of his gags are funny, which also helps endear him to the audience. Plus, Team Rocket can feel like relatable underdogs based on how often Ash and his friends trash them.

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Whether it’s transforming into a cute baby version of herself or using her demon abilities to protect her brother from harm, Nezuko can do it all. Her role attracts anime fans to love her more as the series keeps on growing.

In a world where demons forget entirely their past human selves, Nezuko is able to defy all odds by retaining her human side and refusing to eat humans.

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