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Five Anime To Watch If You Love Naruto

Here’s everything you need to know about the five anime to watch if you love Naruto.

Dragon Ball

Plenty of anime franchises have left their mark on the medium. Yet none exerted more influence than Akira Toriyama’s legendary series, Dragon Ball. The iconic coming-of-age story centers around Son Goku, a kind-hearted child on a journey to become the world’s greatest martial artist.

Dragon Ball follows its protagonist as he advances through his youth/young adulthood. While Dragon Ball Z is the series that thrust Goku into the international spotlight.

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Dr. Stone

In comparison to most Shonen series, Dr. Stone is a bit of an anomaly. Although the series takes place in an apocalyptic future, it draws heavily on real life for inspiration, frequently using scientific and historical facts.

Dr. Stone’s main character, Senku Ishigami, was a 15-year-old genius when most of the world’s population was petrified. It is up to him and a few others to return civilization to its former glory. While the show’s setting is much different than that of Naruto. The team-building and comedic tone shared by both should entice potential fans of the latter.

Hunter X Hunter

Hunter x Hunter shares many similarities with Naruto. Just as the ninja profession was idolized and commercialized in Naruto, the hunter profession in Hunter x Hunter is seen as a dangerous yet respected gig. Gon Freecss shares Naruto Uzumaki’s isolated background, having also grown up without a father in his life.

Coincidentally, both characters’ fathers are among the most powerful individuals to ever live in their respective universes. However, while Naruto was rowdy and rude during his youth, Gon is more cheerful and optimistic during his quest to find his lost father.

Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail bears clear similarities to Naruto. Set in the fantasy land of Fiore, Fairy Tail follows a powerful fire mage named Natsu Dragneel as he searches for his adoptive father, the dragon Igneel.

Natsu eventually befriends a novice celestial mage named Lucy Heartfilia, and the two — along with Natsu’s feline partner. The series’ ensemble cast, as well as its ability-driven combat, all create clear parallels with Naruto and other shonen titles.

Soul Eater

Soul Eater is an anime series about a cast of powerful youths learning to control their quickly-developing powers. However, what makes Soul Eater different is its supernatural setting and stylized designs. It makes the ghoulish world of Death City look like an anime rendition of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The series revolves around Maka Albarn, an intellectual soul-reaper-in-training, and her living weapon, Soul Eater Evans — a punk teen that can transform into a Demon Scythe. The two work together to consume 99 evil beings and one witch’s soul, encountering a host of unique characters along the way.

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