Five Best Anime Demons, Ranked

Anime is filled with all sorts of supernatural beings. Demons are undoubtedly some of the most popular in the medium. Anime demons come in a variety of forms and often possess an impressive array of powers. Here is everything you need to know about the five best anime demons.

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Meliodas: Seven Deadly SinsMeliodas: Seven Deadly Sins

Meliodas is the main protagonist of Seven Deadly Sins and though he may not look like a traditional anime demon, he has all the power of one. As the Sin of Wrath, he’s one of the most formidable of the Seven Deadly Sins. He has strength and abilities that none can match.

However, it isn’t just his swordsmanship that makes him such a force to be reckoned with. As a member of the Demon Clan, he has powers far beyond those of the other Sins.

Sadao Maou: The Devil Is A Part-TimerSadao Maou: The Devil Is A Part-Timer

The Devil is a Part-Timer is a very different approach to anime demons than most series. This modern Isekai classic stars Sadao Maou, an exiled demon who once reigned as the Demon King.

He may not be much of a threat nowadays, but Sadao is still a demon nonetheless. Though he’s lost most of his powers, he can still tap into them somewhat. He uses them to help him survive his new environment.

Nezuko: Demon SlayerNezuko: Demon Slayer

Nezuko Kamado is the female lead of the hit series Demon Slayer. She was once a normal human girl, and she and her brother Tanjiro lived happily with their family. However, that all changed when the King of Demons, Muzan, slaughtered their parents and siblings.

In the wake of Muzan’s destruction, Nezuko has transformed into a demon herself, and her life was never the same. Though she’s a demon now, Nezuko is still a sweet and gentle girl. She keeps her demon powers suppressed, normally wearing a bamboo muzzle on her face.

Inuyasha: InuyashaInuyasha: Inuyasha

Inuyasha remains one of the most popular demon anime of all time. It was a huge success during the 2000s. Its titular hero has since become an iconic part of anime history. He’s the half-demon son of Toga, one of the most powerful demons of feudal Japan.

Though Inuyasha’s only a half-demon, he still has an incredible amount of power. Hot-headed and sharp-tongued, this dog demon often butts heads with the series’ protagonist, Kagome Higurashi.  Inuyasha has a kind heart and a strong desire to protect those weaker than him.

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Kurama: Naruto
Kurama: Naruto

There’s no doubt that Kurama is one of the most beloved. During the early days of Naruto, he was known only as the fearsome Nine-Tailed Fox demon. Naruto himself is afraid of him at the start.

However, when the two finally come to terms with each other and become friends. With seemingly limitless power himself, Kurama gives his host one amazing power-up after the next.

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