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Five Best Guilty Pleasure Anime

Here is everything you need to know about the five best guilty pleasure anime.

Fairy Tail

In all fairness, Fairy Tail was a major player in the shonen landscape during its original run in the early 2010s. However, in comparison to series like One Piece, and Naruto: Shippuden, it’s clear why this series consistently plays second fiddle.

Fairy Tail benefits from an enjoyable cast of characters and a light-hearted tone. But there is no denying that the show recycles shonen tropes like clockwork.

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The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins were sky-high upon its release in 2015. Although the first season of the action-filled shonen was rightfully criticized for its use of fan service. Whereas The Seven Deadly Sins’ first season is a resounding success

Its third season is an absolute mess. The show’s animation quality in these episodes is abysmal. Which makes this fun series even more of a guilty pleasure than its preliminary episodes would have suggested.

Sword Art Online

When Sword Art Online debuted, its beautiful setting and fun narrative took international anime audiences by storm. The iconic Isekai title helped put its genre on the map for Western viewers. It prompted an influx of anime focused on the exploits of a virtual reality world.

Unfortunately, despite Sword Art Online’s novel impact on the anime medium, its quality massively deteriorates after a single arc. While there is no shame in enjoying the exploits of Kirito and Asuna, their journey becomes less original with each subsequent arc, eventually transforming the series into a jumbled mess of recycled ideas and unwanted fan service.

Kill La Kill

At its core, Kill la Kill is an electric action series that hits tremendous heights and features some of the most impressive animations to come out of the prestigious Studio TRIGGER. Ryuko’s mission to get closure over her father’s death leads her to a highly unconventional prep academy where she’s forced into constant combat.

The extraterrestrial Life Fibers fuel Kill la Kill’sbewildering fight sequences, but they also strategically cover up the character’s bodies in a way that leaves very little to the imagination. Kill la Kill contains a genuine substance, but the awkward outfits and tendency to embrace easy jokes push it into the guilty pleasure column.

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Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown takes place in the near-distant future where Japan is lost in a perpetual state of chaos. Shu Ouma, a simple high schooler, is thrust into greatness when he gains unprecedented strength through the “Power of the King,” a prolific ability to pull “Voids” out of other people and use them in combat.

Guilty Crown trades in extremes, but it uses these to maximize the anime’s suspense. Characters make foolish decisions and lack a certain complexity, but it remains an entertaining ride. At only 22 episodes, Guilty Crown is the perfect length. Audiences can enjoy this heightened madness but not feel like they’ve lost too much time.

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