Five Best Volleyball Anime Of All Time

Sports anime are truly addictive once you get into it. They offer you the thrill of sports and at the same time, the entertainment of consuming anime. In our list, we will be focusing on some of the best anime that features volleyball as the main focus.

Harukana Receive (2018)

‘Harukana Receive‘ is a sports anime which revolves around beach volleyball. This anime has wonderful art so you can rest assured you’ll be getting quality visuals with this one. Haruka is a character who previously was indifferent to beach volleyball.

But one day, while walking on the beach, she encounters Narumi and Kanata who are volleyball players and this is how her love for the sport begins!

The excitement comes when we learn that the Junior Tournament is going to happen soon and Haruka has only a few weeks to master the game so that she can play with Kanata and help her overcome her anxiety about her short height.

Shoujo Fight: Norainu-tachi no Odekake (2009)

This one is an original video animation about volleyball and it is just 30 minutes in length. So if you love sports and want to watch a short anime about it, then add this to your list. It’s not the best anime out there but it’s entertaining enough and there are some great volleyball actions you don’t want to miss.

The story follows Neri Ooishi, a highschool girl talented in volleyball. She was the captain of a volleyball team in her elementary school, and her team won second place at nationals. The interesting thing is that she’s intentionally trying to hide her volleyball skills. What is making her stop despite her love for the sport?

Haikyuu!! (2014)

Does this even need to be mentioned? Hailyuu!! is insanely popular not just among sports anime fans, but in general too. So, if you haven’t seen it, we recommend you to immediately jump into it!

Having been defeated by an opposing team which had Tobiyo Kageyama, ‘King of the court’, Shoyo Hinata works super hard to surpass Kageyama. After middle school, he meets his rival Kageyama in Karasuno High School’s volleyball team.

As they work through their earlier distaste for each other, they find common ground in their journey to become each other’s powerful support, both in the game as well as personally. The rest of the characters in this series are wonderfully written and it’ll be tons of fun watching this series, we assure you!

Ashita e Attack (1977)

This series is more than four decades old so you won’t be getting quality animation here. Despite it being such an old anime and thus not well-known, the anime has a wonderful premise and if you’re searching for a volleyball anime, this is worth a watch.

This anime follows the lives of high school girls who love playing volleyball. Their goal is to drive their team to win the National High School Volleyball League. It’s not going to be easy and will require a lot of pain and hard work. This is like a coming of age story as the girls learn tons of valuable life lessons through volleyball.

Attacker You! (1984)

‘Attack You!’ is also a very old sports anime so you can’t really expect super visually appealing animation. This anime also features a protagonist who loves playing volleyball. Her name is You Hazuki.

Hazuki’s dream is to make it to the national women’s volleyball team and represent her country in the Olympics. The anime follows the story of Hazuki who is super determined to become one of the best volleyball players, all the while trying to get her crush and deal with her rival who joins an opposing professional team.

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