Five Happiest Anime Villains

Here are the five happiest anime villains.

Nui Harime (Kill La Kill)

Although she was Kill La Kill’s most twisted villain, Nui Harime was surprisingly chipper. She giggled amidst her worst crimes, whether it was murdering Ryuko’s father or taunting her about his death. Nui’s personality was particularly infuriating because almost nothing got to her.

It took Ryuko a significant personal journey before she was meaningfully able to retaliate, but she still failed to avenge her father even then. Considering how Nui sacrificed herself at Ragyo’s request, she ultimately got the last laugh by denying the heroes any opportunity for vengeance.

Kenny Ackerman (Attack On Titan)

Kenny Ackerman’s unique life philosophy made him perhaps the happiest character in Attack On Titan. He did not take most circumstances seriously and cited his participation with the Military Police as a hobby. Kenny justified that the search for fulfillment could be answered by doing what one thoroughly enjoyed.

In his case, this meant to combat, especially when conducive to his long-term prospects. In the end, Kenny was seldom in a bad mood, only losing his temper after realizing that Rod Reiss deceived him for protection.

The Major (Hellsing)

The Major may be Hellsing’s most violent and sadistic villain, but he takes great joy in what he does. His Millennium Organization’s actual success in destroying London was never a crucial priority. From the beginning, he wanted to cause as much death and destruction as possible no matter who was the recipient.

The Major constantly maintained a positive attitude even while Alucard and Integra unraveled his plans. Not even the heroes’ breach of the zeppelin proved sufficient in wiping the rictus from his face since he didn’t fear death. After all, his modern incarnation was a robot built long ago.

Pegasus (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Pegasus was the original creator of Yu-Gi-Oh’s Duel Monsters and a hedonist by nature. He enjoyed frivolous pleasantries over the harsh realities of life, which explained his obsession with toon-based monsters.

Although realizing the threat Yugi and Kaiba posed to his plans, Pegasus never let them bother him. He was so proud of what he had built and confident in his abilities that he only showed signs of distress when Yugi found a way around his Millennium Eye.

Spec (Baki)

Spec was the most disturbed member of Baki’s escaped convicts. Eerie and monstrous, he could endure a surprising amount of abuse for the sake of his ultimate goal to taste defeat. Whether being imprisoned or beaten to a pulp by Hanayama, Spec viewed any injuries as an opportunity to lash out with even greater impunity.

In addition to fighting, Spec also enjoyed wanton acts of destruction to quench his boredom. Such examples included stalking Baki and Kozue, attacking the police, and even cracking the United States’ Statue of Liberty.

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